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Tanque 03-10-2021 08:46 PM

Dealing with Banggood "Customer Service"
As many of you undoubtedly have I've purchased any number of items from Banggood. I've had zero problems with anything I've purchased
from them up to now.

That all ended with the purchase of an Ultra Power UP6+ battery charger.

Out of the box and plugged in it looked great, had high hopes for this thing upon reading the reviews. About 1 min into the first session
screen becomes completely scrambled, unreadable making the device useless. I try powering down and up, same results only it happens
faster each time until it no longer is readable as soon as powered up. Come back the next day- same result.

Contact Banggood. Fun begins. They say "provide video of problem and shot box/UPC and original packing" Items one and two I provide
but the box had been shipped in one of those plastic envelopes which I'd thrown away.

So they come back after a few days " Supplier says this is firmware problem- you must re-flash firmware" and provide link on their site to download
for a VR goggle. I questioned this and they insist to get download which I eventually do. No instructions on how to get device in update mode.

So how do I do that I asked? this last Friday They come back. "We will have solution on Monday, please wait for it"

So Monday comes and goes - no solution but I get an email stating I've not replied to the ticket and it will be closed in 7 days.

Today I respond to email and reply to ticket stating I am waiting for solution as instructed on their last response.

Their last reply and I am not making this up: "How about return the product? The address is China."

Either it was the mother of all wise arsed 'customer service' people or something was lost in translation. I plan to file a claim with PayPal
this thing cost $170 so it isn't exactly free and is quite useless.

So moral of the story is beware, if stuff works well you are good to go; if not good luck de3aling with "Customer Service"!

lposter 03-10-2021 11:34 PM

I would be very careful buying anything electrical from Banggood or aliexpress or wish.com

Especially something like a power supply, battery charger, etc.

Theres a higher chance of it ending badly, with some snoke and a flame!

Crius 03-11-2021 02:51 AM

That's actually a fairly common problem with companies that are based in China. I had the same problem when I wanted to return an SLA printer, it had been shipped to me from a Us warehouse but in an attempt to make me keep it they wanted me to send it back to China which would have cost about $300. PayPal came to my rescue, and that's why I continue to say, no PayPal, no sale.

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