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TXtanker 05-21-2022 04:19 AM

Ok so Im diving into a Tamiya Tiger 1 build.....its been a couple of years , and wow aftermarket parts are hard to find anymore.....so here is my question TRACKS! would any of the other makers tracks work on the Tamiya? I see Kenny Kong still has some late version ones but was really wanting early ones......I hate searching this website......
Thanks in advance

Crius 05-21-2022 04:35 AM

I think the important part is that the sprockets match the tracks. As long as the sprockets fit the drive shaft and mesh properly with the tracks you should be able to use any brand of tracks that you choose. I would also try to make sure the tracks are the proper width, as this can cause binding issues if the replacement tracks are wider than the originals. I've seen most brands used on Tamiya tanks, but you usually have to replace the sprocket as well, which can sometimes require modification to the drive shaft or the sprocket itself.

Hope that helps.

TXtanker 05-21-2022 05:03 AM

It does a little....I was really hoping someone had done the research already and could throw me a bone....Im not going to gamble and buy tracks I cant use...I saw somewhere the Taigen tracks fit....anyone have experience????

pitstain 05-21-2022 06:17 AM

IMO I would stick with tracks designated as being for Tamiya.

An ebay seller named "manheader" sells Kenny's tracks, I have bought many things from him. you can also check DKLMRC as they have alot of upgrades.

TXtanker 05-21-2022 07:42 AM

Impact and Kenny are the only ones Ive found both are late style....200 for kennys and 150 for Impact......Oh well Back to my research

Crius 05-21-2022 10:06 AM

I would look for anyone that's tried Taigen tracks and sprockets. I'm pretty sure the tamiya driveshafts have to be modified, but the taigen tracks are very robust, closed pins, and have a good, two-piece sprocket that's also pretty tough. I also think they run more smoothly than the standard HL tracks. I do know the HL and Taigen don't play well with each others sprockets, so I would be sure to use matching brands for that. If the Taigen turn out to be viable they're fairly cheap (compared to impact) at $56 for tracks and $14 for sprockets and idlers, but I'd check for compatibility issues with the idlers. You may end up having to keep the idlers you have, but that's usually not a big deal. Too bad it's not a Panther, I've got brand new tracks and sprockets for one of those. Doh!! :rolleyes:

TXtanker 05-21-2022 10:30 AM

Thanks a million I will take your advice and run with it!!!

TXtanker 06-02-2022 10:19 AM

And to answer my own question Taigen tracks do fit perfectly!
no modification to OE drivetrain needed

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