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Help with Truggy

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Default Help with Truggy

Hello, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am very new to the RC game. i was involved many years ago when I had a grasshopper back in the late 80's. I see the things have changed and it's nice to see some companies still around. Well now to my question.

I am looking to purchase an electric Truggy. I see this is a difficult task right now, well at least to me it seems. From my searches and reading it appears the best way to accomplish this is through conversions. Since I am new and have nothing at all to start. So I am looking for advise on the full setup, I need everything! Now I would liek the truggy for bashing and racing around perhaps with some time and experience for fun. So I am looking for something that will allows parts to be available readily. I am leaning towards either a Losi or Team Associated, but as I said finding what I am looking for has been difficult.

I would like something i can start to have up and runnign for about a $600 to $800 investment for the complete setup. I have read of many other brands recommended in this catergory, but I am not sure of them as I am not fimiliar and very new to the game again.

So to recap, 600 to 800 budget, Electric Truggy 1/8 Scale with everything needed to be up and running. Simple to set up and work on being very Novice in this. I do not have any tools to even work on it yet but that I can get once I actually have the car. and I have a buddy that lend me any tools I need.

Once again, thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
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Default RE: Help with Truggy

Yeh, dedicated electric truggies are rare, and more expemsive than you anticipate. I've exceeded your budget with my recommendations below, and the only area you can scrub some cash off of those is on the motor/esc and that's not really an area you want to skimp on.
I can think of 2 reasonably priced electric RTRs, both by Thunder Tiger. The MT4 G3 is marketed as a monster truck, but its a truggy underneath. IT is 6S ready out of the box (referring to the maximum number of lipo cells you can use, 6S being the most insanely fast configuration). Or the ST4 G3 which is a normal fairly low spec (in line with its price) 4S capable electric truggy. Both are good cars, but the MT4 has the higher spec.
Then there's the conversion you saw. The Associated conversion is a good one, I have an SC8 converted to an SC8e, and I was pleased with the quality of the factory conversion.
My personal recommendation would be this: theHot Bodies D8T. It's a great truggy for a great price.

With this conversion Monster. That gives you a race ready electric chassis for only 435. Now you need electrics for 4S racing and occasional 6S bashing...

For motor/esc, try this:'reout of stock for the next two weeks or so, but are awesome in a truggy.

You still need a servo, try this one: need around 200 oz-in of torque for truggies so it's specs are just right for a good price.
And lastly a radio, since your budget is running out fast,'recheap, excellent quality and have the important adjustments for entry level racing.
Whatever's left of your budget is for charger and batteries, which you should get from Look for the Thunder AC6 for a charger, and get any 4S lipo battery you can find that is 143x50x50 or smaller, and 4000mAh @50C or higher (if you go up in mah, you can go down in C to keep the same current handling capability, basically, you want you battery to be able to deliver 200A if needed, so the mAh multiplied by the C rating needs to equal 200 or more. So, [email protected] or [email protected], etc.). 5000mAh will give you around 15 minutes track running and 25 minutes of average bashing. You won't fit anything bigger in the trays.

The only way to do it cheaper would be one of the Thunder Tiger cars already mentioned, which are both great cars for the money.
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Default RE: Help with Truggy

I'm with everything Foxy says but if you need cheap options ill link a few. first tho id join the tower hobbies super saver club its 10bucks and you get some good coupons 50 bucks off 300 or more 40 off 250 and so on. and orders over 150 are free shipping

Kit/Conversion D8T- $334.98 -50 = $284.98 Free shipping RC Monster conversion $100.00+7.20 shipping = $107.20

ESC/Motor 2 choices for the castle one tac some 3 dollar part on to make it 300 Castle 2200kv combo $296.97 +$3 -$50= $249.97 free shipping Duratrax 2200kv combo $249.99 -$40 = $209.99
Now the Castle system can be ran on 6s and the Duratrax is limited to 4S

Servo $49.99+free shipping= $49.99

Radio this has the End point adjustments that you want 29.99+9.99 S&H = $39.98

Lipo $79.99
Charger 49.95 80W charger
Hobbyparts has free shipping over 100 dollar orders

that equals 822.08 for kit and parts plus the 9.99 for going the towerhobbies club

Grand total 832.07

Now Amainhobbies has a 10% coupon code that pops up at random times when you enter the site if you get one shave off another 5 dollars on the servo and Hobbyparts can have codes sometimes if you wanted to look
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Default RE: Help with Truggy

Wow, Thanks for all the information. I will do some checking and making a decision here shortly on it. I knew what i wanted would not be cheap, but i do not spending or going over budget for a better quality product.

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