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Need Some Setup Tips..

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Default Need Some Setup Tips..

So, gonna race this big indoor onroad truggy race again this year I think...

Here's the deal:

Truggy: RC8T
Engines: 1.) Brand new not yet broken in Orion 24 with 2056 pipe on the way.. 2.) Sportwerks 26, just broken in.. I like these things.. This year I want POWER though.. That's why I bought the Orion.. 3.) Nosram 21RR seems to still be going strong..

So here are my questions..:

1.) Gearing for the Orion.. Stock RC8T gearing is 14/54.. I think I need at least a 15T CB.. I have a 50T SG, and could change it.. But I don't really want to, cuz that throws the gearing off for my other engines.. Or do you think the SW and Nosram can push 14/50 well enough?.. I'm not so experienced with buggy and truggy gearing, but 4T off the SG seems like a lot... If it's not, then I'll just go to a 50T SG and run 14T SG's on the Nosram and SW... Maybe that would be easiest anyway..(and I wouldn't have to buy CB's..)

2.) Clutch for the Orion.. I have new stock Asso alu, and a new Fioroni slider.. I love the low-maintenance factor of the Fioroni, but have seen first hand how it sapped my Nosram completely of power.. My Machs and SW rip with it though.. With a normal alu clutch the Nosram is pretty beastly... I want ALL the power I can get out of this thing.. So, will the Fioroni rob the Orion of power or not?

3.) THE BIG ISSUE - Tires... This is asphalt that gets REALLY oily... I've read that slicks work best.. These guys soak their tires in WD40 overnight, then paste onroad sticky goup on them, etc... I tried this last year, but mostly just ended up making a mess.. KEY is removing all oil from the rubber.. Tips??

I have these to work with: a.) brand-new GRP grips, b.) GRP grips down to slicks, c.) about %50 profile LRP CF's, d.) about %65 profile BT's.. I was thinking of maybe getting some new LRP Suicides cuz they have small pins are relatively cheap...

4.) Diffs and Shock setup.. Tips?? No big jumps.. - just some little bumps.. One long straight where I'll really need the power.. Haven't changed the diffs since last year I think.. - except the middle.. Right now it's 7-10-3, and shocks 37.5F and 35R I believer.. I guess I have to slam the droop all the way down??

Here's a short vid from last year showing the track:

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Default RE: Need Some Setup Tips..

link didnt work....

i would think for the tires using brake clean would soften and clean the tires very well. as for shocks i dont think you want to be as low as you think...thick shock oil should handle the body roll and allow weight transfer/traction.
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Default RE: Need Some Setup Tips..

Well in the end I had a clueless setup til one of the German Team Associated drivers came and did the whole setup for me.. By then it was just before the 1/8 final.. (so all five qualifiers I was just running around with I guess a more or less standard off-road setup..) The guy was REALLY nice though and even volunteered to be my pitman, coached me through the race, and in the end I was running in place 5, and place #4 crashed, letting me squeak through.. Top four advanced.. Then I had a bunch of other issues in the quarter, which wasn't pretty.., but heck, the competition was WAY over my head.. - there were some seriously fast guys there.., so just getting to the 1/4 was an accomplishment.. Was all in all a wild, intense, RC and nitro-packed weekend.. If I coughed near a flame I'd probably blow up from all the nitro, brake-cleaner, thread-lock, WD40, and god knows what else in my system...

Here's a short vid from the weekend..:

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