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n8622t 10-09-2017 07:12 AM

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Last of the sheet metal then on to sanding the fuse

warbird04 10-09-2017 11:20 AM

Originally Posted by n8622t (Post 12373946)
very nice work warbird !!! Have you ran the Saito or is it still brand new? If it is brand new I have some recommendations on a break in procedure a friend of mine used I would be happy to share with you if you are interested .....let me know. Good job on the La😃😃

Thank for the help, but I have modified the Saito by my self, with some power improvement (self made intake + brushed conrod). The break in is not difficult, it's my second FG-84 that i run !

n8622t 10-09-2017 12:33 PM

I'm glad to here that....a lot of guys here in USA have had the 84 Saito blow the master rod. A friend of mine has two 90 Saito with no problem. I always wonder how much trouble I see and here with other Modeler's comes down to operater trouble ? You never know 😜

n8622t 10-09-2017 12:38 PM

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So it turns out that the vertical stab star is a decal made of paper while the fuse markings are paint

n8622t 10-10-2017 06:20 AM

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Getting on the paint

n8622t 10-10-2017 06:22 AM

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Got a little reaction with the paints....let it cure then apply another coat after sanding

n8622t 10-10-2017 06:30 AM

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Apply in thinner coats on this side.....trying to avoid the bad reaction

n8622t 10-10-2017 07:10 AM

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Definitely much better👍👍

n8622t 10-10-2017 08:06 AM

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First pass....

n8622t 10-10-2017 09:34 AM

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Let this cure then I'll buff it down and decide whether I like the uneven edges between colors

n8622t 10-10-2017 09:35 AM

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On to the wings

n8622t 10-10-2017 10:56 AM

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Staying with the uneven edges👍

n8622t 10-10-2017 01:22 PM

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Wings are up

n8622t 10-10-2017 02:10 PM

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Last coat now let it cure for buffing 😃

n8622t 10-11-2017 12:38 PM

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Pulled everything out of paint room to clean up for next round of paint

n8622t 10-11-2017 12:41 PM

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Wings laid out and ready to clean up

n8622t 10-11-2017 12:44 PM

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Fit the cowl to it just to see how it's gonn look

n8622t 10-11-2017 12:47 PM

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I didn't paint today , instead I cleaned up and got the flying surfaces ready to paint tomorrow. I also called Wylie warbirds to get my paint masks on order. Terry has great stuff on his site.

n8622t 10-12-2017 11:15 AM

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Curing 👍

n8622t 10-12-2017 11:48 AM

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This one ready for blue paint

n8622t 10-12-2017 12:01 PM

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Close up shot😜

n8622t 10-13-2017 07:23 AM

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All the camo is finished now to let it cure and then tape off for the blue😃

n8622t 10-13-2017 07:25 AM

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Now back to finish top of wings and then tape them off for blue paint

n8622t 10-13-2017 07:27 AM

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I get to tape this all off for blue paint as well....work work work😜

BobH 10-13-2017 07:45 AM

All that hard work is paying off, good job.

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