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rbgetz 01-07-2018 07:28 PM

CARF Galloping Ghost build
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I know there are not many of these out there. Although cut from the CARF P-51, there are differences. Mine just arrived and the first big difference from my other CARF model, is that there was no manual. I"m sure they're working on it. I emailed CARF and within less then a day they emailed a set of almost 200 build photos from their prototype model. It's really all you need with some looking back at their P-51 manual. But I'm sure I'm going to have questions.

As usual with CARF, very well packed. I'm blown away by the surface detail on this model.

rbgetz 01-07-2018 07:44 PM

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Here's a few pics of the wings and you can see the detail. They did a great job on clipping the wing. The gear door covers all came hinged with control horns glued. That's a definite upgrade having that worked completed.

rbgetz 01-07-2018 07:56 PM

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I saw on a couple CARF p-51 builds that you had to cut the gear mount area to get them in. On this kit it was already cut. Also, carbon fiber was installed to support the gear mounts. Another nice addition. My gear and all the other accessories haven't arrived yet.

Chad Veich 01-08-2018 12:00 AM

Neat, did not realize they were making a kit of the "Ghost". Looks really nice and I will be looking forward to your build. One minor nitpick, the gun blisters look a bit out of place on an unlimited racer!

rbgetz 01-08-2018 05:14 AM

Hi Chad, Agree. I think they did the best they could to do to come as close to the unlimited racer by just changing the current P-51 molds without completely redesigning. some of the changes where to strengthen up some of the higher stress areas since it will be housing a larger engine.

rbgetz 01-08-2018 05:19 AM

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A few other upgrades I noticed are that the servo mounts and control horns are all installed. Here I'm showing the mount inside of the horizontal stab. Also the aileron servo mounts are glued and glasses to the servo covers. very secure, so won't require a screw through the cover to hold the mount.

rbgetz 01-08-2018 05:38 AM

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As for the flap servos, I see a big change. In the P-51 manual it showed the builder having to cut the servo hatch and mounting a servo mount inside the wing. In this version they actually cut a servo mount is one of the ribs. with the large opening at the wing root, I might even be able to get the flap servo mounted without having to cut a hatch. much cleaner on the outside. But we'll see when I get to that. Might be too much of a pain.

Calil 01-08-2018 02:39 PM

So nice!!!

David Jackson 01-09-2018 04:37 PM

Are you considering the Kolm engine as the powerplant, or maybe a turboprop?

rbgetz 01-09-2018 05:55 PM

Hi David,
I never thought turbo prop... But how cool would that be??? I'm most likely going with the Kolm IL-230. However, Gotz at vogelsang has a very convincing argument for the IL-155. If you've seen his Spitfire run with the IL-155, there's a lot of performance with it at a considerable lower cost between the 230 and 155. I know some are going 155 and I'm sure it will scream. I'm still thinking, but most likely the 230.

rbgetz 01-09-2018 06:05 PM

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Carf talks about the Galloping Ghost (GG) and the modification to get great air flow through the fuselage to keep the bigger engines cooled. I thought they already cut them in, but the builder has to do it. They designed the engine installation kit to handle flow around the cylinder heads and directed into the center of the fuse. So I needed to cut two air exit holes in the belly of the fuse to get the air out. Not a big deal, but not expected. Photos shows the lines I needed to cut as directed in photos CARF provided. Needed a dremel wheel with the smallest kerf.

rbgetz 01-09-2018 06:13 PM

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each exit port is cut into two sections.. one pushed out of the fuse and the other directed inward. I had some 1/16" G10 fiberglass and decided to use that to frame out the air exit ports. worked on one port at a time.

rbgetz 01-09-2018 06:25 PM

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Second one doing the same thing. There's a smaller third exit port ahead of the wings, just behind the firewall, but will get to that later. They had a good idea with this and the air will flow through the fuse really nice. These are good sized ports. I used 1/16 G10 to make it strong. not too heavy, but just in case of the "unexpected" gear up landing, I wouldn't want them to crush too easily.

rbgetz 01-09-2018 07:00 PM

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Taped the inside corners and ran some Hysol fillets to finish it off. The exit holes are good size. front is 40mm x 100mm and second 30mm x 80mm.

e4dragongunner 01-10-2018 02:30 PM

Excellent Work Sir!

rbgetz 01-12-2018 06:41 PM

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I added the forward vent. It's just behind the firewall, offset to one side. The belly of the plane is isn't flat here, like where the aft vents are located, so had to make the whole vent. Used the same 1/16" G10.

TBruce 01-17-2018 07:35 AM

Looks good. I'm just starting to build the same plane for my buddy. Sent you a PM about the pictures Carf sent you.

rbgetz 01-18-2018 06:01 AM

Hi TBruce, I sent you an email last night that should help. I confident CARF will improve the documentation on this model. But for those that are expecting an ARF, no it is not. Also, Just an FYI, they mentioned the CG should be about 18cm (approx. 7") from the leading edge at the wing root. As for throws, I plan to start out with same as their P-51. Since no fuel tank was provided, I plan to mount one near or on the CG location in the fuselage. plenty of room there as long as you try not to disrupt the exhaust airflow that passed over the top of the wings inside the fuse.. Also, hopefully others who are building and have built the GG will join the thread and chime in. rob

rbgetz 01-18-2018 05:30 PM

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I was working on the aileron servos. As mentioned, they already had the servo mounts glued and glassed to the aileron hatch. But what I noticed they forgot to put backing for the hatch screws to screw into. So I had to epoxy four blocks to support the screws. They have the backing on the Stab hatch for the elevator servos, but for some reason they missed these. I think it's because the prototype model had the servo mounts glued to the surface inside and not to the hatch. but with the ailerons on the hatch, it's definitely going to need to be strong.

rbgetz 01-18-2018 05:48 PM

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CARF uses 2mm copper hinge pins for the control surfaces. I don't think these would slip out easily, but the rudder hinge pin was really long. I just soldered a #0 washer to the end of the hing pin. slide it in from the top and then place a small collar on the bottom and snipped the end off, so it's easy to remove but can't just slip out. Always open to see how others did it. On My CARF Tucano I just put a 90 degree bend and snipped the bottom. works as good. Just too much time on my hands waiting for other material to show up...

rbgetz 01-19-2018 02:27 PM

Interesting... I went to install the aileron servo in the next wing and the blocks for the hatch screws were there and installed at the factory. So, odd that one side didn't have it and the other side did....

Flyfast1 01-21-2018 01:35 PM

Originally Posted by rbgetz (Post 12396801)
Hi David,
I never thought turbo prop... But how cool would that be??? I'm most likely going with the Kolm IL-230. However, Gotz at vogelsang has a very convincing argument for the IL-155. If you've seen his Spitfire run with the IL-155, there's a lot of performance with it at a considerable lower cost between the 230 and 155. I know some are going 155 and I'm sure it will scream. I'm still thinking, but most likely the 230.

I noticed that Vogelsang offers two versions of the Kolm IL155: the standard version and an "IL155 Galloping Ghost Edition" that may be of interest to you. There are some details on this page that describe the upgrades from the standard IL155.


They also have a "Galloping Ghost Edition" of the IL230. The link is here:


-Ed B.

Jonboy2 01-21-2018 05:59 PM

Hello Rbgetz,
It’s nice to see someone else finally building this plane. I think I was one of the first to get mine in the states from Dreamworks 5-6 months ago. Getting close to having it done. After talking with Gotz at Vogelsang Aeroscale I decided to install the Kolm 155. Installing the 155 I had to move the firewall forward about 4 inches as the kit as it comes from CARF is designed for the 230. I will be using the same prop as Gotz uses on his spitfire. His spitfire hauls some serious butt with that motor/prop combo. I weighed it the other day for the first time with everything installed and it is right at 40 lbs, and that is with all the recommended gear and accessories from CARF. If installing the Kolm 230 you can add another 5 pounds to that. Hopefully it will be a good flyer with the 155. I exchanged emails back and forth with Andreas Gietz of CARF and he said 6” behind leading edge at root was a good CG to start at. Although I have emailed with a guy from Europe flying this plane and he said his CG point is centered on the Wing tube and he was thinking of moving it back a little more. Unsure where to put it now for the maiden.

rbgetz 01-21-2018 06:57 PM

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JonBoy2, thanks for jumping in. I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of questions. You got me thinking of the CG. I measured 7" from the molding wing root on the fuse. shown in the picture attached. May be they are all measuring from the CARF wing root. When I do that, the 7" comes out in the center of the wing tube like you mentioned the other pilot flying. Are you planning on using the throws and expo as suggested on the standard carf p-51? Rob

rbgetz 01-26-2018 07:09 PM

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Back working on the GG and installed all surface sevos. The elevator servos are pretty much a drop in. The hatch compresses down on the servo to hold it in place. I just CA'd a thin strip of plywood to the hatch to give the servo a even compression. I also soldered a #0 washer to the elevator hinge pin like on the rudder. Sorry for the rotation of the photo's, since I switched to an iPhone 10, when posting to RCU, it seems to rotate photo randomly.

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