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IFLYBVM2 08-15-2019 01:21 AM

H9 New Ki-43 Oscar ?
Ok it's now officially 08-15-19, so lets see what all this Hangar 9 Ki-43 talk is all about....
Let the fun begin.....

IFLYBVM2 08-15-2019 01:45 AM

Horizon Hobby
It's up on the Horizon Hobby site-

u2fast 08-15-2019 03:52 AM

love it!!!!!!

alex24 08-15-2019 09:11 AM

chris923 08-15-2019 03:58 PM

Ali flew it at Warbirds in Fond Du Lac today. It flew great!

scubaozy 08-15-2019 11:44 PM

I guess Ali could fly a brick and make it look like a trainer. It is a beautiful plane, so no doubt it will fly also beautifully. I am really happy that H9 is going off the beaten track and doing this unique warbird. One of my all time faves. I had Marutaka plans scaled up for this at some point but project never materialized. I think H9 managed to capture the looks quite well and the paint scheme is also awesome. I had a look at the user manual already and it seems that retracts about the same as the ones found BH/SG/Phoenix and to my experience they were usable but not suitable for 1k worth warbird. I also have concerns about the wood used by Vietnamese manufacturers, they seem to be light but quite fragile, so less suitable to warbirds imho. All in all, great work from H9.

IFLYBVM2 08-16-2019 04:46 AM

Sierra has confirmed that they will be offering gear for it. Would sure be nice if it came with them up front, although I am quite sure H9 was trying to keep the cost down as much as possible.

alex24 08-28-2019 09:50 AM

Ram-bro 09-04-2019 12:38 AM

mid september and he price point isnt to bad

alex24 09-24-2019 05:05 AM

The Hangar 9 Ki-43 Oscar 50-60cc is now in stock and shipping!!


Hot Rod Todd 09-24-2019 05:58 AM

Looks like a great flying plane. I saw them in Fond Du Lac as well. It has sticky back type covering with the design printed on. The internal structure looked almost identical to the Phoenix Spitfire I have. Ali said Phoenix didn't build it, but whoever did must be closely related.

Pantherman 09-25-2019 06:58 AM

Great job Ali! Thank you for choosing an unusual subject to give modelers something different to fly at the field. I also love the fact that it fits the FG-90 without mods yet will also accommodate all of the other power options. You know me and unusual aircraft and I would say you have chosen a great subject that is different yet will fly well and have easy ground handling with those wide main gear. I can't wait to fly one! (When I am not flying jets that is!) : )

Congratulations my friend!


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