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Jim Cattanach 12-08-2020 11:05 PM

Blackhorse Corsair 60cc latest version gear
Can anyone post pics of the latest main landing gear offered by Blackhorse (2019 - 2020), particularly the twist & turn method.
They claim it is of a completely new design, reliable & durable.
I have built three of their Corsairs so far, with each version offering supposedly better gear. The three types of gear have all been useless, so I am not willing to rely on their word, before buying again.
Any info from those who have the latest model, on the reliability of the new gear would be most welcome.


HiCurrent 01-22-2021 09:48 AM

I just got mine and am in the process building it. The gears are electric and looks stronger than the previous air design. The tail gear is plastic. Don't know if it will last but I think it will. The whole plane weights 24lbs. I am using the eme70 with electric start. It requires 0.5 lbs nose weight. Hoping to maiden it either this week or next.

Jim Cattanach 01-23-2021 02:23 AM

I hope all goes well. The Blackhorse model is one of the best flying Corsairs as it is so light. The crappy landing gear was always a problem.
Please post your thoughts on the gear & any problems experienced during the flights.

HiCurrent 02-01-2021 09:27 AM

The electric gears are the problem. On 1st flight, the left gear failed causing my left wing to scrapped really bad. The cause was the end cap on the motor cylinder came out all the way. I took it home and put the cap back and locktite it. Next day, first flight, I couldn't get the gears up and just a few minutes, I noticed that the left gear appeared to be half way in. I tried to flip the gear switch on my transmitter may be 20 times with 3 seconds interval. Finally, I decided to land. The gear collapsed again, and this time the left wing is now scrapped so bad that balsa wood is exposing. Upon inspection, noticed that the same end cap on the motor cylinder came out again. Also, I couldn't control the gears with my transmitter. The built in test button still work, but remote control is not.
The plane flew really good with the recommend CG (using the CG contraption provided) but the landing gears proved to be a night mare. The original version came with the pneumatic gears. They were cheap but reliable. This version is physically improved in a few areas , which make building it easier but the added cost 70-80% increased just not worth it.
With the short cowl, you don't have many choices of engine. Originally, I wanted to use the 3W75i but the crank case is too long. I ended up using the EME70 with electric start. It fit in the cowl perfectly with the ignition cap barely touching the cowl. The power to weight is more than 1. I had to push the cowl out about 1.5" to use the EME.
I called up MotionRC and the agent guided me through the claiming process. Hope they'll handle it.

Jim Cattanach 02-05-2021 05:08 AM

Thanks for your reply. It looks like Blackhorse are useless at Corsair twist & turn landing gear. They hiked the kit cost, produced a kit with less scale features ( no landing gear doors ) & once again crappy gear.
One to finally forget about I think.
Good luck with your claim.

HiCurrent 02-05-2021 02:34 PM

Motion shipping me the new motor for the gear and the controller. Not sure about the wing. They said ETA is not known, so I don't know if they are going to help claim it with the manufacturer or not. It would be better if they could offer the plane without the gears.

HiCurrent 02-22-2021 11:54 AM

I replaced the motor with the new replacement from MotionRC and it still failed. The backend cap of the motor didn't fall out this time. The gear didn't fully extend. On landing, it collapsed again and cause further damaged to the left wing. This electric retract is a complete junk. Now, the motor still running but nothing is moving. Seems like the thread is stripped.
Really bad investment on this plane. Now, I need to replace the gear with the robart electric which is going to cost me another $550. So far, it cost me 3 props. Every landing was a disaster.
I submitted a bad comment on MotionRC and it didn't show up on the review section. I guess any bad comment got filter out. You would only see good comments. So don't trust the comments on MotionRC.

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