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flyingpiggy 07-14-2021 12:15 AM

Seagull Westland Lysander
Hi guys.
Who out there has built one of these?
The instructions are a bit vague about fitting the wheel pants and the ply support pieces seem a bit small. How did you guys approach this task?

David Read

grantmNZ 07-24-2021 04:33 PM

Hi Dave
Im in the middle of doing one now - I added alloy support pieces to the supplied indercart by riveting, and have glued in thos ply parts , but doesnt seem to be a good design. had to relieve the spats where they fit onto the body as they would damage the body.

flyingpiggy 08-03-2021 01:14 PM

Hi Grant
What elevator servos are you going to fit into the tailplane halves?

Dave Read

grantmNZ 08-03-2021 01:23 PM

Hi Dave - i had a couple of spektrum ones that fitted ...id have to look to see what model no they are, bu they dropped in fine
...Im in ashburton now. 033074556

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