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budcop 12-26-2001 01:29 AM

Warbird or not ??
I am constructing a Cessna T-50 Bobcat from Don Smith plans and have found USAF and RAF photos of this bird in world war II era, however it was not a fighting aircraft to my knowledge, "Would this aircraft be considered a Warbird?".

Any input would be appreciated !!

rcalfred 12-26-2001 01:57 AM

Go to www.google.com. Search for Cessna UC-78 and see the results. "Military version of the civilian T-50". And please reduce the size of the graphic in your post--it is a bit overwhelming! :) Regards.

Paul Grubich 12-26-2001 03:19 AM

Warbird or not ??
If in doubt just put some guns on it :-)

Most warbird fly-ins would love to have your plane. If it was a bird in the war, than it's a "war bird".


budcop 12-26-2001 05:18 PM

Warbird or not ??
Thanks Paul, a couple of folks in the club had me wondering, I knew that if no one else did, you would have the words of encouragement that I needed, Thanks again...

magnum 12-26-2001 10:50 PM

Warbird or not ??
C-130 comes to mind. It has cargo and armed versions. And the the AWACS and E6 are also warbirds. However, they are not fighters or bombers..

If you plan to enter a contest with it, grab a couple photos of the real plane in military painting. I think you only have to prove that a similiar plane existed. But, I don't enter contests so I can't be 100% sure.


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