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Default Help

Hey guys Me and my bro saw a vid of these battle ship and now we both want to get em and shoot up each others boats lol
Just wondering wats a good intermedit boat i dont want no simple begginer stuff gets boaring quick and if u could direct me to some well detailed plans for $$ or free wat ever i know u dont get good stuff for free soo prob plans for a bit $ would be fine and will this run me $$$ or $$$$ like do they survive if u do it right once it sinks and how long does it take to build a awsome boat???
i know its a bit to ask but im very intersted and really wanna rip some holes through some other peoples boats
thanxs alot guys cory
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Default RE: Help

All of you guys in BC need to contact each other and have lunch. [8D]

I was so excited to get into the sport, I built my ship in one month. It took me 6 more months to convince the club to help me arm it and get into battle. Once they were convinced that I would travel 140 miles to play for a day, they wouldn't let me NOT battle.[&:]
That ship has lasted 18 years, and is still battling. I think it has only lost four servos in that time due to water damage.

What all of you need to decide on, is what scale, and what type of combat you want to create in BC.
There are two clubs just South of you.

1/144 Washington Cascade Column
Battleships and Cruisers

And 1/72nd Queen's Own Combat warship club.
Destroyers and Cruisers

I know that Queen's Own has a member up near Bellingham.
You would have to contact either club to locate their nearest member to you guys.
I am sure that either club would recommend plans for good ships for their style of combat.
And probably be able to provide you with the plans and construction support.
It is just a matter of all of you in BC getting together and deciding on a scale, and finding a safe place to sail the boats.

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Default RE: Help

ya thats awsome thanxs man
But me and my bro and a bunch of our buddys all wanna get em and just have no rules combat lol
I think it would get a lil more fun that way dont get me wrong if there is a club near me ill do it also but we have a remot pound perfect for these
not deep at all either soo u can battle anywere i think i might Just might reach 4 feet deep but i only think three havent measured though lol
well can u give me an example like some pics of ur voat or somethin like that like wat type of ship did u start with like a battle ship, crusier,light crusier,etc........
that would be a great help man
thanxs alot
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Default RE: Help

Cory -- that pond sounds great.

Yes, they survive when they sink. In fact, once the decks are submerged, the ship is considered sunk, so the decks or superstructure can be made to keep the boat from completely submerging, or there are other ways you can make sure it's not impossible to recover your boat. Inside, the electronic equipment is mounted in a basically watertight box so it won't get ruined by the ship sinking.

In picking a boat, I thought about...
-- How big a boat can I carry to the pond -- I can only carry about a 4-foot (1 1/4 meter) boat.
-- What scale are plans available in -- the popular scales are 6 feet to the inch (1/72 scale) and 12 feet to the inch (1/144 scale).
-- What scale is used by other boaters -- in this area, 1/144 seemed to be my best bet since there is a club or two using that.
-- How big would the full-size boat be -- a 4-foot boat in 1/144 scale would model a 576 foot full-size ship
-- What kind of ship should I model -- in a size close to 576 feet, the ship would be a light cruiser
-- What class ship should I choose -- I wanted an Allied ship; Atlanta Class light cruisers are nice looking ships with a great history and plans and pictures are easy to get
-- What particular ship should I choose -- I don't want to sink a victim of well known disaster, so I will not model the Juneau or the other sister ship that was sunk in the war. I think the Reno is very interresting because it was hit and damaged badly, but was towed away (far far away) and was repaired and brought back to life. I like the camouflage patterns on some of the ships' pictures better than on others. I'll think about all of that (and maybe more) when I decide which sister ship mine will bear the name of.

So, that does not mean that an Atlanta class ship is the good choice for you -- no, it's just a set of questions you can ask youself to see what ship would be good for you.

Are you able to build a running model boat from scratch -- how have you built models before? If you do, do you need complete plans (including the shapes of the parts you have to make and instructions for putiing them together) or can you get lines from a plan and do the detailed parts design yourself?

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Default RE: Help


No rules may sound fun, but the rules are there for a reason. Safety is one. Another is actually to increase the fun level.

For instance, if there are no rules, someone will just build a ship that has no mpenetrable areas, and cannot be sunk. And then arm it with a sawed off shotgun. But, then you lose the fun of the sinking (until that shotgun fires). Just bouncing bullets with no damage is not really a good time.

You will probably find some rules necessary. Feel free to start with NTXBG, Western Warships, or any other club's rule set. That will also allw you to come to the North American Big Gun Open (NABGO) this summer, if you want, as your ships, if 1/144 scale, will probably comply with the tecnical specifications and be legal for competition.

If you want lots of armament, I would suggest going with one of the Big Guns rulesets as a start. In general, if the ship has any significant armament in Conway's, you can arm it. If it had 20 15" guns, 30 3-5" guns, 15 torpedo launchers, and carried 300 mnes, you can arm it with 20 1/4" guns, 30 .177" guns, 15 1/4" torp systems, and a lot of mine strings. IF you can figure out how. Western Warships has some maximum number limitations, but most Big Gun clubs do not. The nice thing about Gig Gun clubs is that an independent source, Conway's All the Worlds Fighting Ships is the guide to speed, armament, etc., not some arbitrarily assigned, negotiated, "unit" system.

You migt want to check out the article from the December issue of Servo Magazine, reprinted with permission on the North Texas Battle Group's web page (look at the bottom of the home page) at[link=][/link]

Also, you do know there are fivberglass hulls available to help you get started, do you not?

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Default RE: Help

I know there is fiberglass hulls thats help u get started thats wat im tryin to figure out wats my best bet and wen i say no rules i mean on the water not in the building prosses and to stein I have built many mondles and everthing like that i can do things like this easy i find small things fun to build and not a chalange but bak to wreno do the bulllets still break thourgh the fiberglass hulls and **** like wat my best bet NOT the easyest
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Default RE: Help

If shells were blasting through fiberglass, imagine what they'd do if they hit your skin [:@] What we do with fiberglass hulls is cut large penetrable windows, then skin the whole boat with balsa so it is just as penetrable as a wood-hulled boat. Fiberglass is great for if you don't know much about wooden boat building, and definitely cuts down on construction time.

It's actually kinda amusing that you said you don't want a "beginner" boat, because what we generally recommend to beginners is to build a nice big 1:144 scale battleship. Battleships are big enough that you can make a mistake or two and still survive, and it's easier to fit all the guts in. Also, 1:144 scale is by far the most populous scale for combat. Just don't start off building a little escort destroyer or type VII submarine, they're so little that even the best skippers avoid them. Good examples are Scharnhorst, South Dakota, King George V, Nelson, or Dunkerque. If you want something bigger, try an Iowa, Roma, Bizmark, Hood, or Yamato. If you really need something smaller, build a "pocket battleship" like the Lutzow or Graf Spee. All of these ships are highly effective and fun ships to battle, and are commonly seen on the pond. We also generally recommend to build an unarmed transport ship to learn basic ship construction technique, but you said you're not interested so I won't say any more.

I would recommend that you start off by buying several fiberglass battleship hulls (ask for plans as well, so you can build superstructure), and guns for them. Make sure that your guns are appropriate for the format you're building for, because the different cannons are only suitable for one style or the other, not both. Personally I would suggest using the Big Gun format (pick a Big Gun club's ruleset, and modify if you want) because Big Gun is the format I do . Once you've got a few members with working, fighting battleships and are regularly battling, you can tackle more difficult projects such as cruisers, destroyers, and submarines.

PS: which video did you see? Was it by Bitondo Bros Productions!? (that's me)
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Default RE: Help

somw westren warship one post ur man im interested

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