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Panzer Dog 02-22-2020 06:09 PM

Great Lakes Attack Squadron..Michigan
2020 G.L.A.S. Battle Schedule.....

Jan. 18 Build at Compound (Monitor built)

March 7 Build at Compound (U.S.S. Constitution build authorized)

May 9 Battle at Saranac (VE Battle)

June 13 Battle at Saranac (English vs Spanish Armada)

JULY N.A.T.S. 12 - 17

July 25 Battle at Saranac (mini NATS)

Aug 22 Battle at Saranac (Battle of Dogger Bank)

Sept. 5 Battle at Saranac (Battle of Lake Erie)

Sept. 19 Battle at Saranac (Battle of Kentish Knock)

Oct. 3 Battle at Saranac (Battle of Trafalgar)

All battles are at our Saranac Mi. Location.
Safety glasses are required.

Hope to see you on the water! For more info goto RC Warship Combat forum

Panzer Dog 02-27-2020 07:50 AM

March 7th Build in GR
come one, come all!!! We are having a build session on march 7th, any interested people are welcome to join us. PM me and ill get you the address.
hope to see you at the build.

Gundeck 02-29-2020 01:58 PM

...heel Panzer Dog!...he gets a little excited...but seriously shooting at friends is fun...

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