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airoJaak 12-20-2014 07:54 PM

32 Bit DYS Basecom 3 axis Gimbal Controller
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Please...I know there are 100's of sites, etc for this thing but I need some basic help. I have looked at the wiring diagrams, etc.

Question 1: Can I use normal 3 wire servo connections to ROLL, PITCH and YAW from TX to controller? I realize that doing this is actually putting power to the board.

Question 2: If I do this (all three servo connectors), do I still need a separate battery connected to the board or will that fry everything?

Question 3: The package came with two IMU's and one wire. Do I plug the hardwired IMU into the second (frame) IMU then run the second wire from the (frame) IMU to the IMU slot on the controller?

Question 4: I can't tell which of the 3 wires coming off the gimbal motors is the negative and which way to plug them into the controller as that is not marked either.

If anybody can help with this I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!!

Pics attached.

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