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xerxes 07-04-2011 09:34 AM

redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
u herd it heer 1st
[ebay link removed by mods]

Goatcrapp 07-05-2011 02:07 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
Looks like one of the authorised dealers is jumping the gun a bit.. not sure how happy redcat will be, lol.

So redcat - is the ebay the auction the only source of info, or will you guys be having your own pre-order for those of us that have been very, very excited to see this car?

Also - I'd like confirmation on one item of that seller's auction.. the ezrun 80A esc... NOTthe 125 or 150A... Which means you're most likely using the 8e series 550 can, instead of a larger 2028 or similar (which would require a >100A EXC) - or is the ebay seller using the 8e's information since you haven't released specs yet?

I really want to love this truck - but not with 1/8 running gear... i already have an 8e :D

xerxes 07-05-2011 05:02 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
i 2 was pondrin sum of dat intell.
80a in a 1/6 scale? wut?!?!

i think 150a wood b da only option in a vehicle dat large & heavy.
plus 150a can utilize 6s wit apropriate motors / gearin.

mayb its 80a 2 keep cost low?

xerxes 07-05-2011 05:06 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise

i think i wana c pix wit da body off & also the specs confirmd, esc/ motor included, b4 i pre ordr sumtn brand new.

xerxes 07-05-2011 05:14 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
1 last opinion.

id much rathr buy a brushless version of da 1/5 scale dune runner, den a 1/6 buggy

Goatcrapp 07-05-2011 05:20 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
xerxes, edit your previous post to reflect your additional details/ideas..  don't double, then triple post.  Thats why the edit function exists.

St33v3 07-05-2011 06:12 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
Jesus... learn how to write xerxes!

masterhacker1989 07-06-2011 06:25 AM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
One word <u>FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</u>, that is the ugliest rc car Ive ever seen, and it looks super cheap, then redcat wonders why people rip on their stuff

Valgath 07-06-2011 07:15 AM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
if ya think its ugly you can always change the body

masterhacker1989 07-06-2011 10:01 AM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
True, but first impressions are everything,I worked at a hobby shop, and its true. I think that if it was next to , ooh I don't know a hpi vorza flux (its the only thing I could think of off the top of my head that was in any way similar) that somone would rather buy the Hpi vehicle because it looks cooler, probally has more aftermarket hop ups, and is easier to get parts for, Same thing with a dune runner and a Hpi baja, people would probably go with the hpi. the only thing that i ever saw sell well that was off brand was the duratrax evader Dt, and thats because they look awesome. and you can beat the living crap out of them. Red cat needs to get into more hobby stores, and quit being a thing that people buy off the internet, because once they do that they could see, wow redcats arent that bad, the way they operate now people think they "hide" behind the internet, The hobby store I worked at I was only ever able to convince one person to get a redcat vehicle. and that was after letting them see my earthquake 8e. I would like to see redcat become a brand name (- the brand name prices) but if they continue they way their going, shipping out vechiles with bad esc's, bad batteries, missing parts etc, thats not going to help their reputation, and yes Ive seen alsmot every brand ship with a bad electronic part, but redcat seems to do it a awful lot, ooh and theres also the thing with their diffs in  the 8E series turning into powder (i killed a set of them before I shimmed them) Thaey should have never been allowed to ship like that, I hear the problems been correctedm but that seemed to turn alot of people away from redcat
Sorry for carrying on there...:D

RAMTech-HBF-LSF 07-06-2011 01:56 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
Alright folks, I am fortunate to have one of the Shredders in my garage shop and love it. It is a very nice, lightweight large truck. The price is only $399 for an introduction, and its well worth it. You can't compare this to anything else on the market, since there is no other $399 large scale electric on the market. Its not an HPI Vorza, not an electric baja, not an E-maxx, not a trimmed down Redcat XB-E. Its a new vehicle class really. If you beat the crap out of it, it will break, but its cheap to maintain and very easy to work on. Parts are half the cost of Traxxas or Losi brands.

Here are some vidoes we made while fooling around and testing it for a few months before Redcat ordered real production models.




If you would like to pre-order them, I have them listed on [link=http://rampagehopups.com/category.sc;jsessionid=FD1E040B5079C3501DAEBDEDFD7 30830.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=32]RampageHopUps.com[/link] I specialize in the Large Scale Redcats, and I will be glad to carry these in my shop.

Goatcrapp 07-06-2011 03:47 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
Can you confirm the running gear? EZRUN 80Aand 550 sized can motor?

Valgath 07-06-2011 04:29 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
Well i always replace the stock bodies on my cars or trucks . Why you ask? because i can and dare to be different

RAMTech-HBF-LSF 07-06-2011 04:34 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
Definitely the 80A ESC. You don't need anymore than that. The outside diameter of the can is 1.415"

xerxes 07-06-2011 05:59 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
finaly! a worthwile poaster in heer!!!

few ?s frum da god king, himself.

1. wut drive r da weels? 14mm hex? 17mm?

2. any plastic in da drivetrain? all metal gears?

2.1 cvds all around?

3. seald diffs dat can use fluid?

4. hows it compare 2 a stock aftershock 8e, size & speed?

5.is it 2 soon 4 under da hood pix?

Goatcrapp 07-06-2011 05:59 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
well whether we would "need" more than that is subjective... 80A with a 550 can motor (the size you mentioned) is the same style motor found in the smaller/lighter 8e series... and frankly, even in my aftershock 8e, i'm seriously considering an ESC upgrade and a 1/8 monster truck sized brushless can... (approximately 1.8x " 3500+/- kv, as compared with the 2800kv or so on a stock 550 can.) - at the very least, an upgraded esc, and a pair of 3s batteries for a total of 6s running that stock motor until it blows up (should hold fine, if its a decent 550)

a bigger esc and 6s total power for a 1/6 scale is actually a reasonable expectation if you're sticking with the 8th scale motor.

So for me, in order to be a buyer, i would need one of several things to be verified.. (not all of these things, just one scenario, or the other.)

a&gt; the car is using the same driving gear, ok thats fine.. as long as it is significantly more beefed up over the 8e, even considering hop ups... so with the trade up in size - although you'll lose punch and speed, you'll gain lots of durability... this is a hard order to meet, because the 8e's are pretty damn tough with hop ups.

b&gt; the car is of similar durability, but the motor, even though the same size can, will be spinning more rpm's - ie: higher speed... OR a multi gear transmission is implemented to give us both the acceleration and speed that is otherwise lost by using that motor on a larger/heavier vehicle.

I don't see the higher rpm's as being a reality, because then you're hitting that 80A ceiling...

What i'm getting at is - if there isn't a big durability bump, OR some innovative way of making that 8e sized motor get the power to the ground as good as the 8e's... then there's no benefit other than larger size, but plenty of drawbacks including weight and acceleration decreases, agility loss (you won't get around 1/10 scale tracks in that thing, but a good driver can get an aftershock or backdraft 8e around a 10th scale track and be competitive. The shredder will be relegated to 1/5 scale tracks and courses, which almost always favor speed and punch)

a 1/6 scale redcat should be an addition to their stable, something that existing owners can graduate to.... not another beginners car.. in this case an introduction to large scale models.

Just my humble opinion. If thats really the motor/esc combo, and it's not doing something significantly better than the 8e's... i probably won't make the move up. If they make the shredder available as a roller, i'd gladly supply my own esc and motor, assuming the driveline can handle more than 8th scale power.

SO i guess that's my challenge to the mfr, and redcat.. make me love this thing, because i'm pretty typical of mid-ranged hobbyists here.. own several brands - recognize redcat's value.. but won't take steps backward out of brand loyalty. Perhaps make an up-rated version for the enthusiasts (similar to the 3.0 vs 3.5 nitro engines in the 8th scale series)

so.. sell me on this truck.. make me believe.

also - any newer vids? Those are from back when the naming contest first began... saw them on the youtube channel at that time. I know if i had a prototype of one of those things (or any promising new r/c, really) - i'd be running the snot out of it, and videotaping the snot out of it too.

electricrc68 07-06-2011 06:03 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
aw geez redcat what did you do? i agree with masterhacker. the 1/6 is fugly. and masterhacker, what you said is 100% TRUE!!!! i bought my Bandit as my first car because i loved the looks of it and my LHS had great parts support. i was also at the same time looking at a redcat volcano epx pro at that time, but thought the body and tires were extremely ugly. and also, the part about sending out bad electronics, that is true too. my twister came with a reversed adapter which took my charger up in smoke, but luckily it was the stock charger. then, after maybe 2 months of use, the battery has decreased in power......majorly. plus, i have taken good care of it. i am not bashing redcat, just stating the facts.

xerxes 07-06-2011 07:07 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
a msg 2 goatface

if its mor power u want out of a stok system, u myt as well complain dat da duratrax evader dts 20t brushd motor is weak. or da traxxas stampede 20t motor is weak

sum1 who actually drove 1, sed 80a is enuff. jus kuz u want a biggr esc isnt enuff 4 redcat.2 halt production 2 swap in a 120a esc, or go thru da motions 2 release a hopd up version, with strongr stock elects.

wethr or not dis trucks esc/ motor r "weak" , is just as subjectiv as him sayn 80a is enuff.

.me personaly, i think dat stock elects r SUPPOST 2 be weak. hence da word stock. if u want stok performanse, run stok equip. if u want aftrmarket performane, run aftrmarket equip. plus "weak" stock elects keep cost down.

so its not enuff power 4u 2 want 2 purchase & u wont take a step bakwards 4 brand loyalty ehh?

well fine. take da 400$ u wer guna spend on da 1/6 scale shredder, add $1000 to it, & get urself a 1/5 hpi baja

RAMTech-HBF-LSF 07-06-2011 07:33 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
If you want to upgrade and go nuts with a large scale electric, then buy the XB-E. If you want a fun large vehicle for low bucks, then get the Shredder.

Goatcrapp 07-06-2011 08:04 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
Ramtech - If i wanted a 1/5 scale xbe - i would own one. HOWEVER - I AM very interested in this 1/6 scale shredder, and am looking for simple answers to see if it would be the right fit for a redcat enthusiast (not just a novice).

I will thank you for your dismissive answer above, but really? Out of all that was brought up - thats your entire response? I might suggest that you leave the redcat PR up to Darin, - since an answer like yours is an easy way to chase off potential customers.

As it stands however, you came in here volunteering information, but are the only source so far. Of course you're being asked questions. Did you expect not to be? Dodging them with a dismissive answer just shows that you either don't know a whole lot about the product, or aren't willing to share that info... which is fine, in either of those cases but please don't act as though you can't be bothered with the concerns being brought up. You voluntarily shouted out your endorsement of a product we know nothing about, but are eager to learn about.

Redcat products aren't simply aimed at the "if you want a great product, cheap - buy this" crowd. That's the EXACT type of approach that made me avoid traxxas for years. If you'll look around this forum, there's a big mix of novices and enthusiasts.. and redcat is quickly developing a loyal following of the latter. I've spent thousands on rc tech, and will continue to do so.. my experience level is high, and yet i still *choose* redcat because i recognize the quality and value.

I'll ask again, and look forward to an actual response this time.

Does this vehicle offer better durability than the 8 scale series?

If not - does it have any changes to the driveline or running gear that would give it an advantage over the 8 scale series to make up for the hit it takes in size and weight?

Also, xerxes - to make sure you understand me, i'll say it very simply. At no point in time did i say the motor was weak. At no point in time did i say that the 80a isn't enough. I am concerned about them, certainly... which is exactly why i am ASKING QUESTIONS that will clarify where this vehicle fits, in the redcat lineup... where potential improvements exist that will make up for, or even enhance the use of the esc and motor... and to see whether the vehicle will be offered sans said equipment for the enthusiasts, in the same way the 1/5 scale options can be had without running gear, to let people make their own choices, should they wish.

RAMTech-HBF-LSF 07-06-2011 08:21 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
I don't know anything about the 1/10 or1/8th scale redcats. I only sell the large scale stuff. If someone asks a legitimate question I can understand without taking an asprin, I would be glad to answer them.

For the question on sans motor, Redcat only sells RTR. But alot of people are upgrading the XB-E with Catle Motors and having alot of fun.

Redcat will be able to answer the questions on motors and ESC.

xerxes 07-06-2011 08:30 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
i was concernd about a 80a esc setup, till i watchd da 12sec vid ramtek poastd.

acceleration seems pretty good 4 a 1/6 scale on 4s. ill only asume its stock gearing wich givs decent temps.

u keep complainin about esc & motor bein 1/8scale runnin gear. did u evr stop 2 think da shreddr isnt supost 2 b a leap foward frum da 8e? did u evr stop 2 think da shreddr is just a larger version of da 8e 4 sum1 who wants a scale larger den 1/8, wit oout payn an arm & a leg?

u myt wana reconsidr ur stanse on xerxes. seems lyk ur quik 2 tipe out an essay on menial things, 4 no aparent reson.
i askd good questions, all metal gears, weel hexs, seald diffs, stock cvds, ect. questions dat cood dictate if da shredr can handl stronger motor systms.

ur still stuk on stok motor systms. as statd earlyr. if uwant a "entry level large scale", get da shreddr.
if u wana go crazy, get da xb-e

p.s. not 1 of my 7 functioning rc cars is runnin da stok motor systm it cam wif

RAMTech-HBF-LSF 07-06-2011 08:38 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
xerxes, I think you want to know about gear material, wheel hex size and if they have CVDs? I will have to look Thursday some time.

RedcatRacing 07-06-2011 09:16 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise
Wow, always nice to see active threads like this.

I will do my best to describe where the Shredder fits into the Redcat line.

First of all, Redcat does not try to follow what other RC companies do all the time. We would rather come out with vehicles that we think will attract the new customer or come out with a vehicle that does not already exist at all or does not exist at a certain price point. Of course there are also the mainstream vehicles that just by default we will carry such as a 1/10 nitro or 1/10 electric but what really excites me is to do something different or to price a vehicle far below what already exists.

The Rampages are a good example of this. When we launched them a few years ago, there were a lot of naysayers about them. But.... we targeted the 1/5 scale gas market with a 4x4 at around half the price of the closest competitor when they first came out. It helped create a customer that would not have existed for us, because back then the going rate for a 1/5 scale was $850+ and that was for a 2WD Baja. We added the XT line last year and brought the barrier of entry for gas 4x4 even lower. We have sold many thousands of Rampages and we are sure we brought a lot of customers into the 1/5 gas market that could not afford it before.

The 1/8 Electrics are a similar comparison. When we launched them, not only were we one of the few that had a 1/8 brushless vehicle but we surely were one that had a fully RTR vehicle for if not the lowest price on the market, it was damn close.

So what is the Shredder? Well, to put it bluntly, to me it is one of the most fun vehicles we have. I simply fell in love with it when I first tested them. The size, durability and speed is what it is really all about. Not to fill a niche for Redcat, not to fill a void for a vehicle that does not already exist in the market, but instead to have a vehicle that due to its size and speed, is just a great fun time to drive and experience. Take the fun factor into account for those that have driven larger scale vehicles and add to the fact that it is under $500 and you have a vehicle that also answers the other questions above that Redcat looks for.

I am not going to say this is the best vehicle since sliced bread because if it were, it would be $1000, but it is without a doubt a big, fast enough, durable enough inexpensive basher that most people will enjoy.

Lastly for Xerxes.... 1. Thank you for whatever kind words you have said. 2. It is great when others come into our forum to help out others. 3. Your name is very cool. 4. For the love of GOD, each time I read your posts my brain hurts.

Hope that helps.


xerxes 07-06-2011 09:39 PM

RE: redcat 1/6 scale pre orders avail now. low introductry prise

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