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Dads like rc too 05-13-2012 12:30 PM

Tools of the trade
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This may be nothing new to some people, but I thought I would post it for some of the newer members. When removing stripped screws or bolts, there have been screw removers on the market for years commonly referred to as "easy outs", basically a reverse drill bit. I never have seen them in the small sizes commonly used in the RC world. Typically larger bolts like 1/4" and larger. I also thought if they were made in such a small size that they would just break. I typically removed stripped bolts by tapping a Torx head into the stripped head and just un-screw it. This almost always works. Two weeks ago I spent 30 minutes doing this and wasn't sure I'd get the bolt out. After succeeding I decided to start doing it the right way. I found these screw removers at Home Depot. They were $20 which I thought was a little on the expensive side but I figured if they work, they're well worth it. Well these bits will remove even the most stubborn, loc-tighted screws with ease, so I thought I'd just pass this on to the forum.

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