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Wing Design Advantage

Old 04-14-2005, 03:57 PM
Bryan H.
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Default Wing Design Advantage

If I did it correctly the picture attached should show a wing that has a flat central section, with the last 1.5' or so of the wing ends swept up with dihedral. This is a picture from an earlier post of a twin boom spad.

The question...
What would be the advantage of this design. I'm putting together a plan for a twin boom pusher (like one that has been posted earlier) and like the flat center for mounting the booms. But would the raised outer legs of the wing make the entire wing act as though it had dihedral? Would I have improved stall chracteristics and self correcting abilities? Overall, would this design have advantages over a wing with no dihedral? I'm not making an aerobatic plane or anything, just want a good easy flier for a camera platform, and yes, I have a mentor to help teach me how to fly the plane.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Editting and attaching additional photo that I'm using to work up the design that I want. Hope I don't offend those fellas that actually made these planes. Just remember, immitation is the greatest flattery and compliment.
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Default RE: Wing Design Advantage

It will self correct better than a flat wing. Remember that the ailerons are on the outboard ends. This mean they have a shorter span that a strip aileron. They will need a larger cord to get the right area. also, they are not in the prop wash, so they will lose authority in a stall. that might be a go way to tell if your about to stall, maybe not. the flat section in the middle could be made into a flap. you will need two aileron servos, though, because the rons are so far apart.
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Default RE: Wing Design Advantage

Defintley better stall characteristics. The ailerons will have great authority because of the moment.
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Default RE: Wing Design Advantage

As the designer and owner of the plane on the left, I can tell you a bit about it's flight characteristics. It's definitely NOT aerobatic. I could barely coax a barrel roll out of it, and that only at high altitude. What it lacks in maneuverability, it makes up in stability and lifting capacity. It handles well in moderate wind, but gusts throw it off in banking turns. The wing is quite thick and has a slight under-camber, so it has real good lift. Weighing in at 7lb with a OS FX46 and an APC 11x7 prop, it lifts up in less then 15 feet.

Originally, it was designed to be a tractor/pusher in-line twin on floats, but I had trouble with the second engine. As it stands now, I think it would be underpowered with the single FX46 on the water. Some friends suggested that we could use it to carry a glider to altitude on it's back, or use it to carry water bombs for target practice fun.

The ailerons are the barn door type, quite wide ( > 1/4 * chord), and have enough authority even on slow approaches and landings. I suggest you use dual rates on this type of setup. If you want specific details on construction or detail photos, just ask.

Good luck with your project!

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