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Default SPADfest10

The following is a cut n paste from the announcement page for SPADfest. Looks like it's going to be a banner year with over 30 pilots lined up to head to central Missouri. The host club Slater Field of Dreams R/C is really pulling out the stops with food at the field, events and accommodations. There will be a mass fly of DPS planes, combat, DPS Olympic event to be flown with three contestants (already picked but the visual should be fun), Bomb drops, Floyd and friends will return and folks from England, Australia and the Island nation of California all making it. If you haven't been to a SPADfest yet, this might be the one to get too.

I'll post the announcement post right after these two links, one for the announcement thread, the other for food, the rest are there on SPADworld and anything that needs to be copied over here we can do as well, I just don't like doing that too much because it borders on SPAM instead of event announcement. So here goes.

[link=]Spadfest Food[/link]

Just giving some of the new people that will be attending Spadfest an idea of what they will need to compete in the events.

Spadfest 2010 has a location and a date. It will be held in Slater MO June 11-13. I have been working on the daily schedule and will post as soon as it is finished.
Rough draft of Spadfest planner.

Here is google map of the sight A. The light green at the end of Commerce dr. is the rc field, but all the runway could be used.
B is Wal-Mart in Marshall
C and D are hotels in Marshall

What goes on at a Spadfest?
Spadfest is a bunch of good ol boys coming together flying corrogated plastic airplanes, but more importantly, a group of guys having fun.

It will be a fun fly with events throughout. Class B combat, a Spad speed contest, a bobber drop contest, SSC combat, and a lot more things to do.

Hotels and Camping.

Comfort Inn Marshall$.swJghg0d3M.9&sarea=13209&sname=Mars hall&sstate=MO&scountry=US&sradius=40.23&slat=39.1 231&slon=-93.1967&schain=A&exp=&scity=&sort=&type=&map=n&nro om=1&nadult1=1&nchild1=0&nadult2=1&nchild2=0&nadul t3=1&nchild3=0&nadult4=1&nchild4=0&nadult5=1&nchil d5=0

Most of the group like to camp at the flying sight. That is not a problem. Camping at the sight will be available with port-a-pottys, some water and some electric. Shower will be available at the Slater swimming pool after 7:00pm for $5.00 maybe less.

Will be provided by the club for 5.00 dollars a plate. Breakfast lunch and Dinner for Friday and Saturday. A continental breakfast will be available Sunday morning. I would ask that you buy your meals from the club because without them this would have not been possible. Please let the Slater RC group know that we appreciate there help with this event.

Radio impound
Friday all (Spectrum included) pilots will need to bring their radios in and check them into the Impound before flying. Also at the Impound they will need your AMA card and a 20 dollar landing fee, 10 for Friday 10 for Saturday. Sunday is free. If cannot arrive tell Saturday it will only cost 10 dollars for that day, but a big part of what you want to see usually happens Friday and slows down from there.

Attention Spadsters Worldwide:

I represent the host AMA club, Slater Field of Dreams R/C, for this year's Spadfest in beautiful Slater, Mo. We are thrilled that flyboy-sc managed to talk us into hosting this event and, after reading all the posts from you guys, we're really looking forward seeing one and all in June. You might say we're "Glad-to-the-bone". Jeez, did I really just say that? Anyway, we've arranged for the Wx to be 5,000 sct. 12,000 bkn, (to cut down on the glare), wind 190@5kts. altimeter 30.09 vis.- 10sm. Temps during the day in the mid 80's, nite mid 60's.
Seriously, we are looking forward to meeting any and all of you (even if a coupla' ya'll talk kinda funny; i.e. ddracer and this Dud dude) and hope to a; show you some real Midwest hospitality, b; give you a real good place to have a Spadfest, and c; make enough to pay the tab at the local YBP (yeast brew provider). We do, after all, have our club standards and priorities!
I see that some of you will be camping and this is no problem whatsoever. Those of you have looked at the overhead will note a "dragstrip" about 100 yds south of the pit area. This is actually a tractor pulling track and there are about 6 light poles with 110v outlets. Want electricity? First come-first served. Showers are within walking distance. I also have access to 10 large (like 12X14 or so) Coleman tents which will be free for the using during the event. Sorry, you'll have to leave them after the event so we can use them again next year.
Across town (probably 1/2 mile -wow!) there are 12 full hookup camper spaces with all of the amenities except showers and potties. Again, it's gonna be first come-first served. They might be free, but if not, they'll be really, really CHEAP!
And finally, if you wish to cook Thurs. evening meal, we'll be happy to light up the big grill or we can round up some Weber kettle and fire those babies up for individual cooking tastes. Let me know ahead what you prefer or want.
Bottom line, as long as there are flights to be flown, Bull to shot, or thirsts to be quenched, we Slater Field of Dreams folks are rarin' to go with Spadfest 2010.
Now all we need is a spad driver from Transylvania "Vlad-to-the bone"
If you have questions or need add'l info contact me and I'll see what I can do. [email protected]

Regards, timrpilot

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If you would like to ship your stuff ahead of time:


Hope to see a bunch of you there.
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Default RE: SPADfest10

Hey ya think they would welcome a few CL 1/2A combat planes? Only problem is that the only radio I could have them impound is the little weather radio I sometimes carry....
Bob Furr
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Default RE: SPADfest10

I'm pretty sure there'll be at least 3 CL planes there. I'll have mine - though it's only flown once. Combat may be a lofty goal, though.
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Default RE: SPADfest10

Most of the planes we're bringin Bob are trainers like my Bustahor. I broke balloons with it at Topclassical a couple years ago. I don't know how much CL flying we're going to do but the key to SPADfest is, if it's a SPAD, like a Manwin trainer, you're 15 size version, my flying saucer or my BustaHOR it's good to go. If it's foam, we fly it along with the other airplanes. If it's balsa, you're on your own BUT we generally just fly everything. I can't remember if Tim said there was an area to the side for CL, I believe he did, but hit the contact info and check. If there's room for it you'll probably be more than welcome to come. You'll have to pay the landing fee. There is camping there, a food ticket is in the works too. It's a lot of fun.

My suggestions, get ahold of Tim or Flyboy and check out the layout. If you have folks show up to fly 1/2A combat I'm sure they'll be people watch, I will. Don't expect a big crowd and don't expect anyone to stop, drop what they're doing and come over to watch. We'll all be too busy doing. It'll be fun having someone to fly CL with along with Gravity and, oh, who is it with the other plane??? I'm supposed to get another BustaHOR ready just in case someone else that can fly wants to try some racing. Might come in good as a pit man there. It'll be electric start.
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Default RE: SPADfest10

UPDATE Checked with Flyboy, there is no CL circle they are going to shut down the RC while the CL demo happens. Doesn't sound like a good plan for all day combat.
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Default RE: SPADfest10

SPADFEST 2010 is starting this Friday!!!

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