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Joseph Frost 08-17-2022 02:04 AM

E-Sky Belt CP scale fuse model.
Last couple of days I'm trying to get this sweet little model going, after getting my hands on it from my an old neighbour who crash it on his first atempt to fly it, over a decade ago.
I bought it with stripped main gear, easilly replaced but it was sitting under the table for many years ever since.
Apparently a real dog of a helicopter after contacting few heli nuts to get some idea, all urging me to forget about it which makes me even more keen to succeed with it.
I did confirm it by having number of short hover flights with it yesty and today on stock and my dedicated heli radio currently hooked up. I have managed to tame it down slightly but I still find it a hadful to even hover on one spot, as it has a tendency to get out of hand very quickly! LOL.
I have already tried 3 different gyros, the stock is crap, Piezo101 currently hooked not sure about, doesn't seem to respond the way I like and I tried even 3AXIS one, (Aero Gyro) unfortunatelly not compatible with this 3 servo 120deg. CCPM set up after spending hours every way to make it work.

I would like to get some simple 3 Axis (not for 300-400 bux!) one to suit this set up but it is a "fly-bar" model, so I haven't got a clue if these F/barless Gyros could be fitted and made operational as I don't have any experience using multy AXIS ones in helis.
Anyone still flying this model? As I can't find a single footage of it in action over thousands of posts in various International heli forums, beside lot of useless talking. LOL.
Little fun project currently on my work bench.
More progress now hooked to comp. radio for further fine tuning.
3Axis AERO CF-130 not compatible with CCPM after having a go.

Joseph Frost 08-21-2022 07:31 PM

Instability sorted out by adding couple of old fashioned gyros on fly bar, LOL. Much cheaper alternative for this tiny toy I got my hands on for less than 100 US bux, rather than spending 300 bux for 3Axis gyro. LOL. Firstly I have machined 9g. ones, it improved stability dramaticaly but added even hevier ones at 13 grams each to make it even better, Simple fix I used to do a lot on my large 60+ size IC models the good old early helicopter days.
Add on fly bar stabilizers.

Joseph Frost 08-22-2022 04:31 PM

The plastic coat is back on ready for action as a mini scale heli. Rather sweet looking.

Joseph Frost 09-11-2022 07:07 PM

Making most of it after its 12 year stagnation.

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