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Scratch Building, Aircraft Design, 3D/CAD If you are starting/building a project from scratch or want to discuss design, CAD or even share 3D design images this is the place. Q&A's.


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So does this mean that Traplet would be offering any Plans? If so what would they have available?
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I would be exceptionally careful. These issues are not settled at all. Jack's business, that being his plan masters and molds,
were rifled through by individuals set on profiting from his death. Notice I did not mix words... Their stated intention was to
start a business to sell these less than properly acquired items.

Jack's daughter has never signed away power of attorney, unless she has done so during the last 10 or so months. There
are those who mistakenly believe the plans and molds somehow became fair game and they actually said they were going
to start a partnership to sell the designs...plans, construction instructions, and plastic parts.

Simply because someone out there may claim they have the right to something does not proof make. Proof is only a signed
away power of attorney or bill of sale for explicit goods, not a hear say claim. These receipts and POA's would be signed by
Jack's daughter, not the grand son unless he's able to present a POA from his mother to him.

There were individuals who sought to purchase all Jack's designs and molds for each from Jack's daughter. This however
turned out to be exceptionally difficult at the time of Jack's passing due to the estranged relationship between Jack and
his daughter. Jack's daughter as it turned out lived in Northern CA hundreds of miles from Jack's residence at the time of
his death.

There were individuals who telephoned one of the people wanting to buy all said items. They placed an inflated price on
the items without having obtained power of attorney from Jack's daughter. They were asked if they had POA, they said
no, they had a verbal arrangement.... yeah right!

After contacting the California Attorney General about a clean pathway to obtain power of attorney, the interested individuals
deemed it impossible to determine what remained of the plansets, instructions, and molds designed to produce parts for each

It became clear, the interested individuals were the only one's with Jack's catalogs that listed plans, with instructions, and
plastic parts for each. These were considered the only means of arranging the items in an orderly fashion. However, without
a California Power Of Attorney transfer...they were worthless. Said molds were plaster-of-paris molds.

As recently as last year, while interviewing individuals who participated in the rifling of Jack's estate...a former President of
that club explained everything. He apparently felt some sense of responsibility for not preventing the others from rifling
Jack's estate...

As I said, unless someone obtains a POA from the "daughter", everything belongs to her! She need only wait until somone
develops a head of steam selling said designs...then appear with her out reached hands, palms up....saying gimme, gimme!
Make no mistake, all this belongs to the daughter...not her son unless he possesses a POA or bill of sale from mama. Lets
put it this way...if the grand son were to sell someone a plan or mold and mama appears wanting it back, its hers!

In light of all the heat that's on this...Its my bet the plans no longer exist except in the hands of Jack's customers. Many
plans were purchased sans plastic components...without which the design could not be assembled unless parts were made
from scratch. All it takes for this to get super serious is for someone over the State line to start selling Jack's designs...

Obviously there is high value in Jack's designs and their marketability with appropriate electric power systems. This topic
continues to go round and round. One would think Jack's daughter would have recognized the viability of the designs as an
enterprise... Amist all the dust of two or three Jack Bale threads it would seem the $ signs would have been envisioned by
his family. Then again that would mean they would have to trust someone... :^) Apparently never to be.

All she has to do is buy a set of each of Jack's designs with the assembly instructions and bingo....instant enterprise! ;^0
Just goes to prove opportunity knocks more than once...
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Seems like arguing over the right to produce and sell beta-max video recorders and tapes, but maybe there's a customer base I'm not aware of.
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That's an easy one....all these are perfect for electric power with over 70 designs to sell laser cut wood and vacuum formed plastic for.
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Exclamation Jack Lynn Bale Laser, Hot Wire, CNC Mill Cut Giant Scale Kits

I am revisiting this thread to see how many who originally replied within the thread are still with us...ten years later.
I wanted to wait until I and my partner in crime were both retired and relocated at our respective happy hunting grounds.
Where we would cut and sell complete kits of designers, excellent creations enlarged to between 80" and 119" wingspans.

February~March 2018 the Jack Lynn Bale plans will be a portion of the offerings from a new laser, CNC mill, 4 axis hot
wire, and vacuum formed Scale Kit And Plan Service offering Giant Scale models at practical sizes, power requirements,
and cost.

During the next six months watch for economically enlarged, enhanced design Giant Scale single~multi-engine fixed wing
aircraft from the late 20's through 2017. Newly engineered to bring you the modeling experience you'll always dreamed for
as long as you wanted to fly R/C....No not a trainer from Iowa.


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Default Jack Bale Plans & Cut Kits Available In 2019

Originally Posted by Espresso-Outfitters
I guess to reinterate here, it's not about commerce, it's about honor, my intentions are not to sell the plans, nor do I expect to purchase them, they should be given away to the public, that, or if sold, the proceeds should go to a charity.
We acquired the rights to all Jack Bale designs from his wife and daughter. "Enlarged" redesigns for large scale electric prop and EDF systems bring Jack's designs between 75" to 86" w/s range. All retract designs will feature
Down & Locked. "Enlarged" CNC cut kits are planned to begin production before summer 2019.

Enlarged and Retract enabled SBC-3 Helldiver

Just two of over 80 designs capable of proper redesign to 75"~86" w/s.

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