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Matt 1st timer 10-21-2023 07:58 AM

The Hughes H-1 D.K. Plans Peppio Print
Hi. I'm a newbe. Been building a H-1 over the past few months. Got a 'parts set' that came with plans and cowl. Managed to ultise Unitracts retracts and Unitract 300mm long oles's from an old FW-190. (ebay). So much hasn't made any sence with the drawings. Getting there. Tail end nearly done and fuselage with solid balsa bulit up nose. Wing nearly ready for sheeting.Have added scale split flaps. Only realy used the 6mm ply fuselage formers and a handfull of wing ribs. ( a very expensive cowl the parts set is really). The drawing are all hand drawn and there is little symmetry. Parts set scanned off of them. On reflection the 6mm ply is complete madness so a very expensive cowl indeed.

I would like to start a thread and have taken lots of photos. Really to get your advice. A lot comes from from photos of the full size and from a guy on here who built a 1/4 (beatutifully).
I did also get a copy of the plans he used as much better in the fact they are more practical.

The wing has two 1/4 inch spruce spars with a 5 degree dihedral. I built a 'mock' center section ot get the fit close, angle of attack close and then to work out the retracts. Many ply ribs. With the retracts this things is Very heavy and often doest resemble an aeroplane. 4 servo's, sheeting,fibergalssing and paint to get a high gloss finish.......... I dont know sometimes. This adds to my doubs abou this plan. it has it as drawn at 14-16 lbs. 120 engine. obviously not going to happen.

If there is intrest I would love to get more involved in the forum. I have a big question to start. The cowl is still being made in America so people must build to this scale but there is nothing online, even after all these years.

I hope this might bring to life a conversation about building this beautiful Aeroplane.

I'm Matt. Live in South Devon. UK.

Thank you

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