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raiki 04-14-2003 08:53 AM

Scale Seaplane plans to build UAV
I having been talking to a guy that does enviromental sampling from a boat and he knew I flew model planes and asked if I could build a sampling plane.

My plan is to find a plan for a scale PUSHER seaplane that I could scale up to at least 150". It needs to be a pusher because I need fresh air in the front for instruments.

Initially it will be radio control with an on board data logger, which will log sample data and GPS location. Eventually it will be GPS auto piloted.

Can anyone point me to a decent set of plans like an LA-4 Buccaneer or similar. I want plans because I will need to make some huge alterations so a kit doesn't suit.

Seeplaner 06-06-2003 09:58 AM

Scale Seaplane plans to build UAV
I would NOT recommend a Buccaneer. Look at the full size with all its crazy rigging angles. Thrust, tailplane & wing are all over the place. I did build one in the early 70's, it's still in 1 piece, but it was a challenge. C of G ended up at about 10% for stability.
Build a non scale pusher with twin booms & floats.
Life is meant to be easy

MrCoffee-RCU 06-15-2003 09:16 AM

Scale Seaplane plans to build UAV
Now THAT would be quite interesting. A camera can be mounted on one of those things, and it can be run over a lake. A perfect machine to take pictures of down town, and of the boats going over the lake too!

Let me know what you turn out, raiki; you could have a real tool there when you get done! And, with that auto-pilot you could pretty much take pictures of any location you want, and land it on any lake!


Can somebody tell me how much one of those machines can carry if they weigh 15 pounds? Any information about wing loading and real-time video?

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