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myersflyers 12-20-2020 11:01 AM

Simjet 2300 w/Xicoy v10 ECU & Kero Plug
Has anyone had a successful conversion of the SIMJET 2300 using a Kero plug and the V10 Xicoy ecu?
If so, could you be so kind and post your START and RUN parameters.
Thanks In Advance

---------------- V10 ECU KERO START PARAMETERS for SIMJET 2300 ----------------
Start menu:
Pump Start Point AUTO +0
Pump Start Ramp 000
Low Batt Volts 0.0V
Starter ignition power 000
Starter power at fuel ramp 000
RPM 100% starter power 00,000
RPM off starter 00,000
RPM reconnect 00,000
RPM Ignition Kero 000
Pump PW Ignition Kero 000
Engine min. Flow 000%
EGT END Preheat 000
RPM Pre Heat Kero 0,0000
RPM Fuel Ramp 0,0000
Pre Heat Fuel 000%
Ignition Timeout 00sec
Start mode Auto-Kero

Run menu:

Full Power Speed 000000rpm
Idle Speed 00000rpm
Stop Speed 00000rpm
Start/min temp 000C
Max Temperature 000C
Acceleration delay 000
Deceleration delay 000
Stability delay 000
Pump Limit 0000

CARS II 12-20-2020 02:24 PM

For best results you should post this on the jet forums page, more traffic there, also Gaspar maybe able to help you, send him an email.

The parameters for this engine should be about the same as a Jetcat P120, my first turbine was a Simjet 2300, best engine I ever had.

Good luck.

myersflyers 12-20-2020 03:23 PM

Thanks Carlos for the great suggestion. Much Appreciated

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