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traxxas m41 wide

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traxxas m41 wide

Old 07-08-2019, 12:10 PM
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Default traxxas m41 wide questions and answers I hope and build

I bought the the traxxas m41 and 2 3s 5000 mah batteries with the id charger.
This is my first r.c. boat and it will also be for my 6 year old daughter . I am here looking for advice and to give some from what I have learned so far with this boat.
A little about my experience with rc and boats.
as far as rc goes I started at the age of ten building a nitro kyosho burns with my father. I had that car for 20 years and also had an hpi savage nitro. Recently I have switched to electric cars and have an ecx ruckus 2wd brushless up grade, hpi jumshot 2wd. and an aarma typhon 6s.

As far as boats go, I have no rc experience but do have a decent amount of real life experience with
a 1989 checkmate 17' with a 150 marine mariner , multiple I.M.P. eleganza with twin 454's , and a 30 ' cobra catamaran with twin 2.5 offshore mercs. and various other brands from original sweet 16 to 1984 bayliner cuddy cabin.

Enough about that. I bought this boat just before easter and ran it a couple of times at my fathers house in v.a. and it was pretty fun out of the box.
Recently , we went back down for forth of july week and had some problems as well as some good times. During easter the lake was super calm and I I dared not flip the boat as the water was cold and the real boat was not in the lake. so it was fun but could have been more fun.

This past week was a different story. 4 th of July week and the lake was packed. A good ...........

i ll be back in a little have to , take my kid to gymnastics, ok back!
Like I was saying it was a good weekend to give the boat a good test in all weather conditions.
It was also a good time to test adjustments and after market parts.

The boat out of the box handles pretty good. batteries fully forward on a glass morning I believe this will do fifty mph. Be ready to retrieve it because it does not handle well at that speed. The boat will start to chime walk and then will catch air. At speeds from 15 to about 35- 40 mph it handles nice. It will turn sharpe and hold straight lines.

In rough water ( rollers from wake boarding boats and such) stock set up was not to bad. The boat did nose up a bit of the jumps . But that was to be expected. So , I adjusted the prop trim and nosed it done for the rough stuff and it was a lot better. I would not do this for calm water and wide open throttle as it will heat the everything up a lot quicker. I do not like the battery straps at all.
more about that later.

Eventually I broke a prop and instead of putting on the extra it came with , I put on a brass one that I bought. Set the trim back to stock and went back out on a calm day. The boat planed quicker and just felt better and more planted, may be a little slower.
so I trimmed up and it booggied ! At lower speeds it handle better as well.

At some point I must have bent the left trim tab while either greasing the prop shaft or taping the cabin trying to keep out water. I will get in that later.
So what better time to put the new adjustable alluminum trim tabs on. That was a feeble attempt due to the fact the holes for the aftermarket ( hot racing brand i believe it is,) put the trim below the hull and nosed the boat down to much even when adjusted to full up position. At that point it was time to try it with out the tabs all together. Not worth it in any kind of conditions. I will eventually dremel these hole a little and fix the problem. I went and put the stock ones back on and tried to adjust as best as possible.

At this point my esc fried and i got one next day air for a pretty penny. Ran 1 battery cycle through it and then the 2nd one the 3s stopped charging from the i.d. charger and started to swell. So i drive a round trip of 2 hours to " local hobby shop down there" to get 2 new batteries. Run 2 cycles and the one port takes longer to charge than the other one both times. So I stopped running the boat. Time to find out what the problem is. I always check to make sure the flow of water is there from rudder which i do I have the up graded twin pick up that I have not put on yet. As well as a aluminum motor jacket and battery coolers that need to go on.

Any suggestions as to what would be causing these issues. I can not see having issues with about 15-20 cycles through the boat. Also , I have tried everything to keep water out of this thing and it is nearly impossible. Any ideas? if any one took the time to read this let me know I will go further into dislikes and likes.

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Old 07-09-2019, 02:15 PM
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It is difficult to know just what you want help with, you never went back to items you mentioned, just really hard to follow what you want.

First, all the power in a boat is in the packs, not in the motor or the ESC. Better quality packs mean better performance and longer life. The reality with boats like this is that the average user probably only runs it ten to twenty times then puts it in the garage. So the makers only build the boat with a limited expected life to kerp the cost down. Without knowing the exact packs you are using, I would guess they are low-end with limited power and life. If one pack swelled then it is bad, and it could have been responsible for the ESC failure.

Heat is the enemy of electronics, and running the boat until the LVC kicks in may mean the motor, ESC and/or packs were overheated, especially in Summer months when the water is warm. This will shorten their life and may cause performance degradation.

But you mentioned water in the boat. Water and electronics do not mix, and water in the ESC will eventually ruin it regardless of any “waterproof” claims. The only way to keep water from entering through the hatch is to carefully apply hatch tape. Water can also enter through the stuffing tube or any hole through the hull.

We do not know what “metal” prop you used, but most must be sharpened and balanced before use. Otherwise performance will be degraded and you may damage the strut. Was it a prop recommended by Traxxas? If not it could have put an excessive load on the motor and overheated everything......

Buy a cheap IR gun and check the temps of the motor endbell, the DSC and the packs after a run. If any are over 140*F then younwill need to reduce your run time or use a smaller prop. Oh, and running at part throttle can be very hard on the SSC and is a major cause of ESC failure.

As you can see, lots of possible causes for the pack and ESC failures. But all can be corrected with a little knowledge. I haven’t seen one run, but that looks like a great boat!

Old 07-10-2019, 02:55 PM
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packs are from traxxas with the i.d. charger.
i did use tape for the hatch.
I did not have a temp gun but motor was cool enough to touch and cooler than my rc cars so i do not think temp was an issue.

the prop was not ballanced or sharpened because the balancer had not arrived yet from amazon but I will be doing it soon.
my temp gun also arrived with xt 90 connectors so I can change all my cars and batteries for them over.

my question is basically weather or not people have had problems with the traxxas id system.
and with the esc.? is it known to be a problem?

I can tell you that I do not like the batteries and plastic wrap they use. I have never owned a traxxas before this boat so i do not know much about them.

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