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David595 05-22-2022 09:22 AM

Help with rc boat prop
I have a 26Ē plastic hall v bottom, the motor is a 3650 series 5200kv, batteries 3s 6200mah, I think the prop diameter is a 4mm. itís a bait boat so itíll be dragging fishing line as well, I believe the boat is 5-7lbs, just trying to figure the Propeller size/pitch doesnít have to be exact, Iím hoping I just get a plastic or carbon one bc I donít know to balance them or unless I can buy one thatís already sharpened and balanced. Thanks for any help

Hydro Junkie 05-22-2022 07:07 PM

Plastic props are, generally speaking, junk. They are unbalanced, usually flexible and the worst of all worlds since you can't balance or sharpen them.
Carbon fiber aren't much better and, in some ways, they're worse. They tend to be very brittle so, in the event of hitting anything under the water, they tend to shatter or split, making them useless to get the boat back.
Metal props are your best bet for durability though, truth be told, they are, depending on the material, much more expensive. There are two different materials they are usually made from:
  1. Beryllium copper composite, which is softer and easier to sharpen and balance as well as less expensive and more common
  2. Stainless steel, which is obviously harder, harder to work with to finish the prop and much more expensive
There are also different styles of props:
  1. Racing props, the most common. These are made to get maximum speed from a boat and normally run with only the bottom half of the prop actually in the water
  2. Power props, more often found on scale pleasure and working boats. These are normally fully submerged and use a different style of blade, one more for thrust than for speed
There are three sources I would point you toward to get a prop for your boat
  1. Mack Products, supplies parts and running gear to build and repair boats. The website is index (mackproductsrc.com)
  2. Props-4-U, owner Mark Sholund sells ready to go props as well as finishes raw props sent to him. I have some of his props and have no problems recommending him and his work. The website, with contact information on the home page, is Props 4 U
  3. Offshore Electrics, a site that tries to cover all needs for electric boaters. They have many types of props and parts for boats, up to and including RTRs. Their website is RC Boats by Offshore Electrics
I know there are other sites out there, these three I know have very good reputations in the R/c boating world and, since I know many people have used them, have no reservations on recommending any of the three

Honest John 05-25-2022 11:17 AM

Dave 595 help for your Rob
I'm kind of new to it but I found a three bladed prop gives your speed and Power if you're going to be pulling fishing line bait
yeah I would recommend a metal one also plastic is pretty much junk but it's cheap and will work as far as balancing it it's really not rush this area unless you're racing

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