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pirate one 12-09-2003 05:23 PM

zenoah motors
Does anyone know if there is a autostarter made for the zenoah g 23 motor? I have a miss budweiser boat and it dies always out in the middle of the lake. any solutions?


TERBObob 12-09-2003 05:37 PM

RE: zenoah motors
Hey PIRATE ...
Rather than get an AUTOSTARTER device ...might I suggest you try finding the problem with the fuel flow ?
Have you checked the fuel line for possible small pin holes ?
Are you using gas line and not nitro line ?
Did you by chance remove the carb ? Maybe the pulse hole is not lined up correctly ?
Is your fuel tank vented enough ?
Did you try removing the screen inside the carb ? ( sometimes these get gunked up and clog slightly ... I always remove mine no matter what )
Do you have a clunk in your fuel tank ? If so , try removing it and then running it to see if she stays running .
Is she getting proper water flow thru the water jacket on the jug ? A HOT motor will most of the time shut themselves down .
Have you tried bench testing her ? ( of course , with proper water flow thru the water jacket )
Are you running a water cooled tune pipe ( AKA - wet pipe ) ? Is the spot where the water enters lower , or higher than exhaust port on the engine ? If lower ... thats good . If higher - thats BAD - would allow water to possibly return INTO the exhaust port - which would cause shut-down )
Have you adjusted your high/low carb needle settings ?
How old is the motor ? Has it been modded and if so , by whom ?
You say she dies ... how does she die ? Does it act like it fuel starved ? Or is it a sudden stop ?

DOes this happen no matter ehat speed , and only happens after a certain time frame ? Or ?

yamraptor2cool 12-09-2003 08:28 PM

RE: zenoah motors
When I first drove my proboat shockwave, which has the G23 engine. But then after I ran it alot it started to die. I ajusted the high and low speed on the carb. After I did that I ran it some more and did some more adjustments. Then it never died on me again. Try looking in the instuctions for how to tune it. I got very frustrated when that happend. If you dont have any instuctions go to www.horizonhobby.com and search for zenoah marine engines. They will have the instuctions there for you. I hoped this helps.

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