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JAE history

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Thumbs up JAE history

I ain't a English major , so if you don't like the way I am writing this or what I am
saying then...."don't" read it....
A short JAE history.....One day David Hall and I were discussing outriggers and David
made a very profound statement....he said anytime you have to put a
.005" shim under a boom tube to get a boat to launch....
there is something really wrong with that boat.....We were both running a rigger with moderate success but
Davids words really really struck home with me....No truer words were ever spoken....
Physics is a language of truth not perceived truth by the layman or the keyboard racer....

Moving on.....

1.A given truth....95% of RC boat "RACERS" have the innate ability to
screw with a boats design until they have successfully killed the boats
2.Another truth....98% of boat builders always feel it necessary to
incorporate design changes that they feel will make the boat better,even if there is no scientific evidence of same
,and when the boat doesn't work they comment in print [keyboard racer] that the boat is a POS....
3.The "JAE" boat design was never intended to be pointed at the "RACER"
4.The entire intention of the JAE series of outriggers was to create a
path for hobbyists to build an outrigger instead of buying and be
successful running that RC outriggers....
5.The JAE design team intended that RC boating to be very pleasurable
RC boating experience instead of a path of complete frustration resulting

That being said....Lets continue....

When David Hall and myself embarked on the JAE journey some 10+ years
ago,this was our mission.....
We built test boats and when we were happy we initially released the "free plans"
to RC Universe.....[Not Intl Waters] We were not pointing the boats
design at the "RACER" .....
The first boat that we knew of....was built by a modeler in Finland
and then he released a You Tube video of the boat running.....
Shazaam....after seeing that video we knew we had a viable design to move forward....

Continuing on....Joe Petro of Zippkits has also been a big part of the JAE
team and making the boat available to the RC boaters...
It was by accident that Joe even became involved with JAE....almost like
divine intervention that we came together...lolol
When David and I gave Joe the go to ahead to build the first .12 boat
these were our requirements....

2.We wanted no physical hull adjustments required....
3.Very easy to build for the novice builder...
4.Cheap to build.... In other words a young or novice RC hobbyist could
afford to build and run an outrigger RC hydro.....
5.Competitive speed if possible.....That requirement has turned out to be true....
6.We told Joe If you hear or see of anything that will make the boat better please
tell us ......
7.Requirements for ease of construction and building techniques in the
instruction manual were totally in Joes court...
We did give Joe JAE boat set up instructions to be added to the
instruction manuals but the rest was up to him....I am here to
tell you Joe has really stepped up making the JAE what it is
today...This was a total team effort..
Joe has accomplished all we have ever asked....Now there have been a
couple of unintentional consequences along the way but they were corrected
as soon as they were recognized.....

The rest is history......Did David and I ever expect the JAE to go
to where it is today...absolutely let the journey continue and
we will all see where it goes for RC boating....

Rod Geraghty for JAE=Jackass Engineering...and that is another story
for another

A very Special thanks to: Ron Zaker Jr. & Martin Truex Jr.... JAE Team Members
You can trust everything they contribute...Everything they contribute
is a result of physical testing and not perception... Their RC history and records speaks for itself...
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Hydro Junkie
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So Rod, now that this boat design has taken off, what do you think you'll do next?
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Thumbs up JAE future is alive and well

Originally Posted by Hydro Junkie View Post
So Rod, now that this boat design has taken off, what do you think you'll do next?
To answer your question....probably
My health and age is such that I have very little desire or ability to do much more than sit in my rocking chair....I am worn out...
The JAE effort now has a mind of its own and really no longer needs me for direction or advice.... JAE's are full speed ahead....
The JAE team and Zippkits continue to develop and test new additions and ideas to the boats design and the team is very good at what they do....
I really want to thank David Hall , Ron Zaker Jr & Martin Truex Jr..and of course Joe Petro....The boats future is in good hands.....
The boats design and availability has gone world wide with the help of Zippkits so feedback on the boats performance is always coming in....
All I see is a very bright future for JAE's and RC boating.....
Rod Geraghty
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Okay, I get the health part but, considering many of my friends are very active in their 60s, 70s, 80s and, in a few cases, 90s in my other hobby, Square and Round dancing, I don't see age as that large of an issue.
That being said, I can't see you not attending a race or three next season so, who knows, you might even see me at a race next summer
I also disagree about you not being needed. That may be the case with the JAE but, when we look back at your contributions to the activity over the years(and I've seen your name come up in the various magazines plenty of times over the 35 years I've been in it), I figure you can still teach some of the new generation of "experts" a thing or two. I don't claim to be an expert and never will, especially since you've probably forgotten more than I'll ever learn
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Ron Olson
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The last time I saw Rod was at Hobart a few years ago handing out a lot of candy to kids (adults too!) to racers and spectators but still thereto help anyone who needed it. The only member of Team JAE I haven't met personally is Martin although we have chatted online plus he's a member here but hasn't posted anything in a long time. Being the current NASCAR champion takes up a lot of time.
Seeing how the JAE design has broken a lot of speed records says a lot about them.
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Hi Rod, I just wanted to say thanks for posting those plans! Way back in the day I wanted a rigger SO bad. Mid 1990s. Had never even see one in person, but I knew they were the fastest of the RC boats. I searched all over the net looking for plans I could use. I found nothing I could really use. I was a car guy and ran .12 nitro trucks. They were just starting to get popular then. I had several spare .12 engines around and ended up putting one in an old electric Kyosho viper. I went pretty good. I made my own super adjustable hardware set since I had no idea how to set it up. Anyway the success of that project sparked my interest for a .12 rigger. I finished this one by looking at rigger pics in RC Boat modeler. I read every rigger article, looked closely at every pic and tried to unlock the mystery of outriggers. RC boat modeler was my only source of knowledge back then. None of my friends ran boats and there were no clubs or races in my area. I figured how to build sponsons by looking at others being constructed. Also made all the hardware on this one. I had no idea if it would work but it did! Very well. I have been running it for many years.

Then you posted the plans. If I recall correctly it was still a jap back then. I looked at your plans and thought, how could square edges work on sponsons? No non trip angle? That will never work! Or so I thought. So I set out to build a test boat to see how they would work. I did not follow your plans exactly since mine was going to be smaller and electric. I followed everything else I could from your plan, angles, cg location, etc. Long story short, you inspired this little rigger. It ran so well! I could not believe how well it ran and turned! This boat was SO FUN! Thank you VERY MUCH! I enjoyed it for a long time then passed it on. It changed hands several times and everybody really liked it before it met it's fate. Soon I hope to build another one with a UL-1 setup inside. I never did take video of it when I owned it, but one of the past owners did. It was faster when I owned it but I did not give up my props that I spent hours tweaking for it. Sent it of with a stock SBP 430 Octura. It was 17 inches long. Thanks again Rod!
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Don't forget the Japanese ya know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Carl Cisneros

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