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SW36 vs TC31 -- Father vs Son

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SW36 vs TC31 -- Father vs Son

Old 08-15-2007, 09:57 PM
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Default SW36 vs TC31 -- Father vs Son

My father and I both got these great RC boats.
I have the Thunder Cat and my father the Shockwave.
So naturally, we are doing our best to break in our boat in competition form. When done, who ever starts/runs best and has the highest top speed will be the greater RC boater!

Mine Thunder is easy to start--when my tigherdrive starter has a good battery--and only takes a few seconds. Only hard (and harmful) part is when using the starter it can cause the radio to act funky. A few times now I have started the engine at full because of this--yes it's very bad, I know. [&o]

My poor 56 year old father has to sit down on his arse, prop a foot to each end of the boat, grab that dinky pull starter and endure a period of sweat and swearing he calls "starting the boat".

Now I'm not a huge noob to nitro RC so on the first run I was sure to have my failsafe hooked up. ...My father.... Well, I was able to talk him into buying one... but when he forgot to put it in I cautioned him about running without one. But dads are smarter than their sons--right? lol
"Bahhh. I'll be fine. I'll put it in later" He told me as he dropped his boat into the water.
A childish grin stole his face as the Shockwave cut through the pond. Maybe 200 feet away, after what must of been only five minutes of his new 350 dollar "toy" touching water for the first time, he was near a rocky shore when he had a radio glitch. The throttle went to full open as the boat drove for the shore and beached its self. The poor thing screamed horridly as it bounced on the rocky shore. Later, when my father returned with the gimped Shockwave the only thing i could think to say was what he would of undoubtably said in my place "Should of put the failsafe in."

That was last year on our vacation.

This year things were... different. But not very.

My Thunder Cat screams past us at blistering speed and I enjoy a satisfiing whif of nitro exhaust. My Dad looks up for a second and then returns to "starting his boat".
I'm still breaking in my engine but I'm at the part when you must lean out the mixture and I'm doing it 1/8 of a turn per tank. Each tank produces greater speed and I'm left in wonder at its higher top speed each time.

While I'm enjoying my TC, my Dad's not having good luck with his SW. Each time he gets it running, it dies only seconds after getting it in the water and far enough away so he has to get in the fishing boat to go get it--very irritating! At last he gets it going hot and strong and runs it for a full tank. I'm really happy for him, because of his bad luck in the past, as I took at his childish "I'm having fun grin."

And then his luck runs out.
On his next run the poor, stock driveshaft, breaks and to the bottom of the lake goes all the hardware on it![:@]

But my boat is running great!
I try not to mention it to him.

But I can't help it.

A good story of my experience with these boats I thought some other boaters would enjoy.

If you enjoyed my story I hope you can repay me....

My dad wants me to order him the replacement parts for when his shaft broke. If I could get some good recommendations for replacement parts of the parts he lost--which is everything on the end of the shaft--I would very much appreachiate it. (best shaft and best prop available on the net mainly) I would like to know of the best parts available--as hes going to be paying $$ for them, not me!

Old 08-15-2007, 10:11 PM
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Default RE: SW36 vs TC31 -- Father vs Son

Great post!

My Dad is my pit crew for racing my rigger. He points and laughs and me when I screw up but he's there for me every race.

We have fun and it's times like this that you'll look back and say those we the best times of my life!

Old 08-16-2007, 12:04 AM
Ron Olson
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Default RE: SW36 vs TC31 -- Father vs Son

Tell your "poor old Dad" to get a hand-held electric starter then he'll be waiting for you to fire up your boat and laugh harder when the Tiger Drive goes south on you!
Don't pick on us old guys, we'll dig deeper into our pockets when we're laughed at as we hate losing to young'uns!
I'm not far behind your Dad as I'll be hitting the double-nickle next month myself. Big deal, I'll be eligible to live in a "Retirement Community". YUCK![:@]

Send your father in here, I'll throw a few tips his way!
Old 08-16-2007, 06:24 PM
wave waker
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Default RE: SW36 vs TC31 -- Father vs Son

nice story[sm=thumbup.gif]..nice setting too father and son.
Old 08-18-2007, 11:28 PM
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Default RE: SW36 vs TC31 -- Father vs Son

Thanks guys!

Any suggestions on a good prop and shaft?
Old 08-19-2007, 01:02 AM
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Default RE: SW36 vs TC31 -- Father vs Son

I am certainly envious. My father has never seen an RC boat. He is not blind and still alive. Just missing the passion I have in them.

Wishing you and your father many fun years of competition

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