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Twisted liquid racing sucks BEWARE!!!!

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Twisted liquid racing sucks BEWARE!!!!

Old 06-20-2008, 09:41 AM
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Default Twisted liquid racing sucks BEWARE!!!!

Ok where to begin? I recently made a purchase from Twisted Liquid Racing that went way wrong. I know that a lot of you guys use this company to buy your after market parts so I thought I would do the same. On June 11th I purchased a dress up kit, flex shaft lube and the ever so popular y535 prop for my Miss Vegas. Twisted Liquid uses USPS for their shipping so there technically is not a tracking # that gets issues, but more so a conformation #. However, the USPS for the most part will update this # every evening so you have an idea where your package is. So, I had been watching the tracking # everyday to see where it was and when it would arrive. On June 19th I checked the conformation # and it said my package was at my local post office. I was excited because this was the 8th day since I had made my purchase and obviously I was anxious to get out on the water with my new gear. So the package arrives and when I open it no Prop. There was a note with the rest of the stuff that said Y535 prop coming soon. Well naturally I was disapointed that the part that I needed most was not included with the rest of the stuff. Twisted Liquid does state on their site that the props are made to order and it could take up to 72hrs and some cases longer before they ship. This is completely understandable considering the balancing and sharpening have to be done. However, I felt like it had been ample time for my prop to be done between the time I had ordered and the time my other stuff had arrived. Either way crap happens and that is understandable. The problem occured when I contacted Twisted Liquid through their customer service chat line to see if they could give an estimation on when they thought my package would ship. When you first long on to the chat session you are prompted to give your name and email before conversation can begin. After you list your name and email you are to type a question in the dialouge box. My question was "I long should I expect to wait for my prop to ship". I assumed thatr because I had already given my name and email they already knew who I was. Well I was wrong and the repersenative in the most smart ass way replyed "a name or email would realy help". So I again gave my name and email. The operator answers back your prop shipped yesterday and should be there in two days. Well, being a paying customer (spent close to a hundred dollars on this paticular order) I asked for a Tracking #. The operator says "we use USPS and don't issue tracking #'s) I said "well that is funny because I just received an order from you guys and it had a tracking # and I was able to track my package every evening until it arrived". I guess this pissed the opertator off becaus he or she felt I was calling them a liar. The conversation got worse from here and didn't get better to say the least. I was called an *******, ignorant, and eventually refunded my money (even though I didn't ask to be) because the operator didn't like my dumb ass questions. The bottom line is, that I was frustrated by not receiving my prp and being a paying customer felt that I should I least be able to get an estimated time of arrival. Boy was I wrong! After speaking to the operator I thought maybe it is just him and someone else would be more likely to help. So, I contacted Customer service via email to see what response I would get and this is what was emailed back to me:

Comments : I ordered a prop from you guys on the 11th of june. I know your site states that it can take up to 72hrs before the item actually ships, so when I received my package on the 19th of june with no prop I was a little disapointed. I decided I would contact customer service through your chat line to see if I could get an estimation on when I could expect to receive my prop. The customer service agent was an real a#@hole from the start and eventually told me to f off and refunded my money even though I didn't ask for him/her to. I was real disapointed to know that you guys are just another company that doesn't care about the customer and there is nothing that can be done. I have recently ventured into the boating world and was looking forward to using you guys as a source for my after market needs, but I guess I'll have to find someone else! If this was just a rare case of bad employment please let me know!
How Do You Wish To Be Contacted? : Email


I have read the chat conversation because our system saves it. I think you came to chat and expected the operator to know you(i assumed they knew me because I had already given my name and email), or maybe guess(not guess, but actually know) when your prop would ship. I see the operator told you we dont have tracking and you decided to tell them we did(I didn't say they did, but USPS had a form of trackind and since that is who they used could I have that #). Because we face alot of bull talk and customers who type they can be nasty and TLR is hostile towards people who waste our time( a paying customer wsting their time by asking where a package is?). You were told what to do(what get over it?), and you didn't like it. In general the operators have been instructed to act like a mirror, and give back what they get. This operator has been here for three years and deals with jerks(You are considerd a jerk for asking about your order apparently!) everyday but has the best record for helping people quickly when he knows facts. You on the other hand expected this operator to answer a question without facts. This would not be right would it, if he said YES you will get your prop tomorrow with out knowing who you are(again I thought he did, my mistake)?

I also noticed as you say above the operator did not tell you to F OFF(ok, he technically didn't tell me to f off, but that is basically what I felt he was telling me to do), but told you to hold on he would stop your package smart ass(smart ass always makes me feel better than f off!), and refund you. After you got snappy and tried to be the post office(I wasn't trying to be the post office, I was just stating that there was a form of tracking that is issued by them wether it be conformation tracking or not). Now you email us and lie about the conversation(I can't believe that this was the one portion of the conversation he used to determine I was in the wrong. You guys wouldn't believe everything that was said to me. Or maybe you would LOL). Well personally I think he did right thing(amazing). So go spread the word, come to our chat, be a smart ass...get refunded and buy elsewhere. So the moral of the story is...be nice...get treat that way, and everything will be OK.

Well my moral of the story is make sure if you buy from this company that you don't have any expectations from customer service and if you do have to contact them make sure you don't ask any dumb ass quetions like when can I expect my package and how long does it normally take to arrive!! Anyways, what do you do? Just thought I would share.
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Default RE: Twisted liquid racing sucks BEWARE!!!!

These been post like this all over the R/C boats websights![X(] Yes they do bone over there customers,they dont get there money back or dont get there parts or very late to deliver there parts to customers and give them some lieing storys why there late.[X(]. And do be suprise if your thread might get deleted? because your not alowed to say there name on this sight! This tells you how bad this company is?[X(] You would think by now people would see these posts and advoid buying parts form them?[&:] The owner for that company has been banned from alot of boats websights.[X(]

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