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JJthegreat 08-04-2003 02:31 AM

First airboat from scratch, what do you think?
Exciting day! I finally found some time and some nice weather to take out my new experiment. This is my first airboat I have ever made. It consists of a 12$ boogie board from wallmart, and a tower hobbies .46 ABC that will go eventually into my Duraplane aircraft kit when I find the time to put it together.
The engine has just been broken in, and after it stalls for the first time (in the video) I adjusted it a little leaner. As I have really no experience in this area, and there are no clubs near by, does it sound right to you?

The ip will only be good for a week or so, anything more is just lucky
My site was thrown together with frontpage, no laughing please

Mike Ferretti 08-08-2003 02:21 AM

First airboat from scratch, what do you think?
Hey J.J. I like it!!! It looks like it works!!! And you saved a whole bunch of money too!!! You are probably right that it will go stupid fast. It may, very likely, try to become an airplane!!! And, Best of all you don't have worry about trying to find someplace to run it that has no weeds!!!

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