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jwoolridge 06-10-2003 11:40 PM

Links to outboard engine sites
Hey guys and gals post your favorite links to sites for buying 3.5cc outboard engines and tell me why you like these engines. Thanks

toonces 06-21-2003 12:08 AM

Links to outboard engine sites

Need i say more?

Ron Olson 06-21-2003 03:57 AM

Links to outboard engine sites
There isn't much of a choice at the present time. OS and Thunder Tiger are getting out of the outboard business and K&B is trying to get things going again. There are some people making aftermarket motors but the price is high for any of those. It's a tough time for outboarders now.

drydock 07-04-2003 12:53 PM

Links to outboard engine sites
I now have 3 K&B's a Thunder Tiger, and O.S., thanks to "discovering" E-Bay 2 mos ago. Thunder Tgr was $42, ad said needed piston, sleeve, rod etc, but it turned out this eng was never run and disassembled, and put back together w/o connecting the con rod to the crank! Never paid more than $76 for a K&B, (all run) and the O.S. (never ran) was the pricyest at $114.00. So.... Anyone have some hulls?

toonces 07-04-2003 01:41 PM

Links to outboard engine sites
Speaking of hulls -dont be missslead by the e-bay listings of dumas hulls or kits as rare, go to the dumas site , the subcatigory for boats is called specialy priced and you will find all the old hulls, example- dumad skadaddle for around 38$ and the e-bayer will have near that for reserve!! LOL
Do your reserch befor you buy e-bay then you can laff at the popr sap that paid too much.

Drydok-- you s.o.b. I thats all i neaded to hear , that the motor I was going to bid you out of was a deal. :(
No realy I'm glad to hear that you have had good luck on e-bay too, I have a 3.5 o.b. and 2 7.5 i.b. just aquired a jet drive for one.

latter -

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