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kamlooper 04-20-2021 09:42 AM

Carl Goldberg Staudacher
I just picked up a S300 Staudacher, Carl Goldberg model. It has a bit of damage to the wing and tail and should be saveable. The rest of it looks good. It has a like new ASP91 2 stroke and pitts muffler.
With 5 servos, engine/muffler, cowl its a hair over 8 lbs. The wing is 2 lbs with 2 servos, that seems a little heavy. The wing covered in some fabric type covering, I plan to re skin it with regular ultracote to save a few grams, the wing needs repair anyway. The fuse has regular film covering
It was package deal for $60 with a bunch of stuff, couldn't pass :)
I havent found much info online about these, and I dont know the CG.
Anyone here have experience with this airplane? And know where the balance point is, or have plans?
Any info is appreciated

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