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Hortco 04-20-2021 05:39 PM

Value Planes Cloud Clipper 71 Sport conversion.
My wife got me a Value Planes Cloud Clipper 71 vintage style kit for Christmas.
I’m a sport pilot so I did some mods to it to make it more fun to fly.
This kit came out in 2020 and has a 71” wingspan, 3-channel and calls for .28-.40 size engines.
Here’s the changes I made;
I removed most of the Dihedral, added Ailerons with servos in the wings, converted it to a bolt-on wing and added wing struts for sport flying,
I replaced the flimsy wire landing gear with an Aluminum landing gear with wheel pants, replaced the weak pushrods with Golden Rods, added a steerable tail wheel and reinforced some weak areas.
I mounted a TT.46 glow engine to carry the extra weight that was added.
For $109 this is a really nice plane BUT the instruction manual is horrible-it leaves out lots of details and uses words like “ wing girders”, “Paste and polish the wing mask” so you need to be an experienced builder to build it.
Wingspan is 71”.
Im waiting for a less windy day to maiden it.
Modernized old timer.

Manufacturers photo of completed plane. I like my version much better and I’m sure I’ll like flying it much better too!

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