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Hortco 07-09-2022 04:41 AM

Great Planes Super Sportster overhaul
Super_Sportster_40_overhaul. After rebuilding the Nose to a cone shape. Before recovering.
Great_Planes_Super_Sportster_40. This is what it looked like when I bought it. The nose was square🤮. It had an old Super Tigre Como .40 engine.
I had been wanting a SS 40 for a long time.
I found a listing on FB Market place which had a bunch of older glow fuel planes and equipment for sale- one of the planes was a SS 40!
It wasnít in very nice condition but I knew that I could overhaul it so I offered hem $50 for it and they accepted!😀
I didnít have to do a ton of work to it- I rounded out the nose and made a few other improvements. It had an old Como .40 engine on it but I wanted more power so I went with a 72 Four Stroke and recovered it with Monokote- the BEST covering available.
it came out exactly how I envisioned it and flies great!
I love this hobby!

Outrider6 07-09-2022 09:17 AM

Your plane looks great. They have such beautiful lines, and I think a starburst pattern really brings it out. About 35 years ago, I built one as one of the first few kits I built, as I was just learning to fly. It was a handful, until I learned how to get behind the power curve, and come in at a high idle, with the tail dropped, then she always landed like a butterfly. I have very fond memories of that plane.

biam 07-13-2022 03:20 PM

Great job! That 72 is gonna haul it good. I have a 52 magnum in mine that I think is a good combo. Got to figure out these pics, sorry so large.


Hortco 07-15-2022 10:12 AM

Your plane looks cool too!
I ended up putting a 52 Four Stroke on it and flew it over the weekend. I had to fly it at WOT most of the time because it was limited on power so Iím gonna put a 72 FS back on it.

daveopam 07-23-2022 11:50 AM

Great job!!! I have a 25 year old SS 90-1.20 I'm working on. The covering is fine but I'm cutting the nose off to invert mount a 20cc gas. It flew great with a Super Tigre 90 but I don't run glow anymore.


Hortco 07-23-2022 06:03 PM

I also have a 90/120 also.
it had a ST90 when I got it but it lacked performance until I put a 120 Four Stroke on it- really brought it to life!

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