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tennis8081 08-07-2008 07:01 PM

First Aerobatic Plane
I've worn-out my trainer, now I'd like to get something that is more aerobatic friendly. Does anyone have any suggestions for my first 3D plane? I've been looking at the Hanger 9 Twist ARF, does anyone have any experience with that particular plane?

davidbegg 08-07-2008 07:09 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
My flying experiences sounds similar to yours and I'm looking very seriously at a 60 KAOS. Lots of experienced flyers have recommended this plane to me. They reckon it will do everything I want of a plane and is vice free. Time will tell. Getting the 60 as larger planes easier to fly than small ones?????? (in wind?????)

overbored77 08-07-2008 09:22 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
Tennis, if you plan on learning 3D get an electric foamy or you end up repairing the twist alot. As I don't know the extent of your flying skills
I will go off the fact you are saying first aerobatic plane after trainer. I would reccomend the fourstar, Tiger, Or Pulse, in the 60 size.
These planes will give a more firm grasp of aerobatic flying before diving into a 3D plane.

Falco5 08-07-2008 09:46 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
Hi David,
if you really want to have some fun, make up a 60 size Ugly Stik and power it with a 60 to 90 glow motor....I have had several of these over the years and they are a barrel of fun.
By the way, how is the weather down South?

Cheers, Bill
NZMAA 9745

tennis8081 08-08-2008 06:54 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
How do the Ugle Stik a/c perform for aerobatics? I've read a lot of people like them as well, and they have the stability of high wingers. Has anyone had experience with them.

Sherman 08-09-2008 02:23 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
If you are going from a trainer, I would recommend the Easy Sport (Great Planes). It is an excellent flyer, easy to take off and land and is a pretty rugged plane. You mention getting an aerobatic plane, and then refer to 3D. Think a second plane is way to soon for a 3D. Second planes that get a lot of attention, for good reason, are Tiger 2, Four star 40, and the Kyosho Calmato Sport. While larger planes might fly some better, the forty size is big enough to fly very well, they are easy to handls, lots of available stuff for 40-45 engine airplanes. Good luck on you venture.

kwhite.6 08-09-2008 03:15 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
Tower hobby Uproar! Flies slow and easy or as wild as you want, cheap to replace and easy to repair. I had a four star and then a uproar. I think the uproar was a better second plane because it was responsive enough to get out of trouble before you hit the ground.

SKYHI1 08-09-2008 04:17 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
My second pland was an "Ugly Stick" I believe it is the same as GP Big Stick. I built it from RCM plans. I love the Stick. It greatly improved my confidence when I graduated from my trainer. It allowed me to do anything that I could do. And, anything that I wanted to do. I have two sticks now. I also have a Sig "Four Star 40" and a Sig "Something Extra". The Stick is by far easier for me to fly in heavy winds. At my club about a third of the guys have some form of a Stick. I fly the other planes, but every two weeks or so I find myself just taking a Stick.

Good luck

gene6029 08-10-2008 06:11 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane

Tennis, To answer your question, yes i own 2 Twists and would highly reccomend it as a first aerobatic model. I have one set up with an OS 40 FP & servos that came right out of a trainer & it flies fantastic. It will hang on the prop at about full throttle if you want it to & when it falls off is very controllable & doesnt do anything stupid. The other one has standard servos with the OS 55 & its ballistic! I have a 14-4 APC W and it will hover at just over 1/3 throttle on 30% heli fuel. Its a GREAT buy at some where around $100 & is flight ready to fly in minutes out of the box. They are more fun to fly when its windy out, since you can slow it down to a foreward flight stand still & play with the throttle to land it right in front of you. There may be better/ worse planes to buy, but you wont be unhappy if you buy a Twist. Set it up on LOW rates until you get used to it, and have fun....Gene

HawkChalk 08-10-2008 08:05 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
Ever build a plane? get a SIG Somethin Extra.

Building is half the fun, to me anyway.. the sig is highly recommended for a first aerobatic. pretty cheap too, you can get the kit for $89.00, and from what the builders say its a great first kit because of ease to build. Do a search on it. You'll see what im talkin' about. Theres also tons of resources here on rcu for the somethin extra, including build threads. Have fun, good luck

150flyer 08-10-2008 09:20 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
Either a 40 or 60 size Ultra Stick is a top notch choice. I have an OS .55 AX on my 40 size Stick which has been extremely reliable and offers unlimited vertical power. It's as easy to fly as a trainer on low rates and can do just about every trick in the book on high rates.

Jeff Spicoli 08-21-2008 11:17 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
For learning aerobatics, my 4*60 with a ST75 was great. I'm replacing the ST with an OS75 for better reliability and throttle response, but that plane always went where I pointed it.

skyraider71 08-21-2008 01:46 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
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Some very good models have been mentioned here. Spend some time with a Four-Star,
or any of the "sticks". Then build a Somthin' Extra. The arf is pricey, so get the kit. It's
an easy build, even the holes for the control horns are laser-cut for you! Trust me, It is
100% worth it! It's a blast to fly, and you will grow as an aerobatic pilot. Tower Uproar
is also great choice. Best of luck!.........Dan:D

TZflyer 08-22-2008 01:19 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
I have a 4 star and a Big Stik and I love them both. Both make very good aerobatic trainers and are easy to land. The Stik is a blast to fly and, as others have stated, will do pretty much anything when set up for it.
Building a Somethin' Extra kit is also a lot of fun. I am building one for my cousin and it is even easier to build than my 4 star or my Kadet LT 25 were. You can just keep going till you run out of glue :D
I have flown a twist and it floats in for landing just like the others but is also very responsive in the air. The only thing I don't like about the twist is that is doesn't seem to track very well when I want to practice larger, more precise aerobatics.

rayzer 13 08-22-2008 10:18 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
I'll agree with all the other dudes a stick 40 is a real reliable fun fun stable plane-but if just a tad bit more speed is wanted the Kaos rocks I've had lots of both and am planning to buy another kaos soon

tennis8081 08-22-2008 11:50 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
Thanks for all the feedback. I actually lost sight/control of my trainer so now I'm back at stage one. But I did get a stick 40 to start over again with.

Nitro J. 08-28-2008 11:18 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
In the same category, looking to move up. I just broke the nose wheel of my trainer, which has low roll rates for aerobatics. I am putting a small Magnum GP .10 into a Herr Lil' Extra ARF $60 to learn aerobatics. It seems like more of a park flyer, but with recommended handling.

magnum500 09-22-2008 05:42 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
i would also recomened the pulse , a few of my flying buddies have these and they are great flyers , slow landings good aerobatics , for sure it would keep a smile on your face each and every time you flew .thats my 2cents

sierracharlie 09-24-2008 06:44 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
I would go with a stick plane, super stick, big stick or ugly stick for my 2nd plane for sure. These are great confidence builders than when you are ready for the next step I would go with the Tiger series, Tiger 2 or Tiger 60.

rcmaster5123 10-10-2008 12:10 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
sorry but im gonna have to disagree with most of you, going from a trainer to a 3d plane is a bad choice unless you have had prior experience flying an aerobatic plane, you want to be sure that you can handle the new plane. i would go from a trainer to a more areobatic plane but not stright to 3d. i went from a trainer to a pulse xt 40. its a great stable plane, and it also has good areobatics. from a aerobatic plane is where u should be going to a 3d plane, not from a trainer

NorfolkSouthern 10-24-2008 03:38 AM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
I went from a trainer to a Great Planes Cessna for a while, and ended up repairing that several times. By the time I retired it, the incidence was so far off that it would auger in just when I cut the throttle. Then, a friend gave me a Slow Poke (a worse choice than the Cessna for a second plane, I think) and I flew it for the rest of the season, until I brought it out again this year with a smaller engine. I got it back by flying and landing inverted! Needless to say, it's down for a new firewall and engine mount. Maybe try again next June, perhaps.

Then, another friend let me try out his Twist. He had his rates reduced and the plane set up so it would almost takeoff by its self. That day, I put about 5 flights with no fuss. It was the most forgiving machine I flew, besides the trainer I had and the only real difference was that I had to keep the wings level myself. And that was easy enough to do. He also had some rudder mixed in with the ailerons, making "bank and yank" turns a no brainer. Or, I could use ailerons and rudder as to my preference, based on my experience with the Slow Poke.

Then, I finished my Rapture 40, which Great Planes recommends for those who have "mastered" their trainers. It would fly like it's on rails, very smooth when trimmed out. But you can really see the bumps when there are gusts. One day, I was testing its slow flight capabilities by kite hovering in the wind, before I had it balanced laterally. That's when I learned to respect that bird, as I ended up with a nice bill for a prop, spinner, balsa stock, covering, epoxy, and hardware (That'll be $50.00, sir, and thanks for your business). Not to mention, I balanced the wing properly this time. It comes in hot, and I let another friend try it out, and he's a very experienced pilot. It scared him when he did one of his famous snap rolls (oh yes, it'll snap!), after which he handed the transmitter back to me. Later, he said that the Hangar-9 Funtana is a slower and more forgiving plane, and that he would not recommend this "trainer" for someone who has recently signed off their high-wing. But, he also said that he would fly the heck out of it. What can I say; not bad for my first build, eh?

With what I know, here's what I would do: Consider the Twist as your next plane after your Stick (which you recently purchased). Set the rates moderate, as per instructions. Dial in oh, say, about 35% expo or there abouts, on the elevator and ailerons. Rudder, if your radio has that capability. Practice a few hover landings with your Stick. Then, take the Twist out for a spin (and it'll do that like a fishing lure if you want, or it'll roll nice and slow, it's up to you). Then, you'll see just how versitile and fun these 3D type planes can be. Hot or mild, as to your preference. Enjoy!


pchris2 10-28-2008 09:17 PM

RE: First Aerobatic Plane
Get a Big Stick. My second plane about 7 years ago that I put an old TT 46 pro on. Still flying to this day. My 27 percent 3D birds can not make me smile as much as the stick. Great power and ability to performs many 3D manuvers and come is for a quick stable landing. I'm buying another soon.

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