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 anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex? >

anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

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anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

Old 10-09-2006, 05:09 PM
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Default anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

I like the idea of the technology, but worried the 3 point throttle/pitch curve is not adequate. I don't care about the crappy servos, as I would get Hitec 65's anyway. I only want to do 'sport' flying.....no wacky 3D stuff.

Whaddu experts think?

Or is a good 'ole Futaba or JR PCM heli radio the way to go.

Old 10-09-2006, 05:35 PM
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Default RE: anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

I fly my T-Rex on a Spektrum. I love the glitch-free performance. Things to keep in mind:

1. The CCPM mixing function on the Spektrum is a little bit sluggish compared to high-end radios. It's not bad if you set your mixes to 100% and use endpoints to control travel instead, but just be aware of the very minor delay if you're flying the CDE or the SE. It's totally liveable, but I intentionally bought an HDE rather than a CCPM-based T-Rex because I didn't want to worry about it. I've watched people fly the pants off both the HDE and the CDE; I don't think there's a tangible performance difference with this heli, just a setup preference.

2. The 600mAh NiCD battery drains very quickly, in about 2 hours. Upgrade to a 2500mAh NiMH or LiPo for good battery life, or plan to mod your Tx as described here:

Note: They are often out-of-stock due to the immense popularity of this exact mod. They get new shipments every week or two.

I've done both. I recharge my Tx about once a week, and I fly every day! It's good for at least 15 hours with a higher capacity battery and the mod mentioned above, which is really plenty.

3. It's better to use a governor than worry about the 3-point throttle curve if you're flying hard 3D. I've flown both ways, and strongly prefer the use of the governor on my ESC. Then again, I'm a sport pilot, not a hard 3D-er. The governor on the latest Align ESC does a really decent job of managing headspeed above 85% throttle in idle-up on my Spektrum. Older ESCs didn't do such a decent job.

As far as it goes, though, the 3-point curve is totally flyable for sport work. The lack of 2 more points means that you tend to spool up a bit before bogging as you go either way on your collective, but it doesn't hurt anything. It would be, of course, a score-killer for any FAI-style event, but I don't know of any of those for mini helis If you are flying a nitro heli with this, of course, the lack of those two points might result in an over-rev and would require some working-around.

4. The lack of an Idle 2 might bug some heli pilots.

Overall, the security of knowing I'm not going to get shot down, and the complete lack of glitches (other than the pilot's thumbs) makes it worth the small tradeoffs. But only you can know for yourself if they are worth it. I really like the Tx, too, compared to my Hitec Eclipse 7 (the Spektrum is much easier to program), and much more feature-rich than my Futaba 6ex.
Old 10-16-2006, 10:17 PM
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Default RE: anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

r u serious.... nways well u gotta be a dumass if you dont have a dx6. you wont belive how good it works precise response , insane range with a very small antena, no gliches my trex used to suffer from glitches then the dx6 came along and i love it, i love it, and i use hs65 as the s75 it comes with stripped easuily good enough but didnt last, and works great with the futuba gyros 240 and 401 u gotta get one.
Old 10-17-2006, 10:02 PM
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Default RE: anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

The DX6 is an awsome radio, I fly my t rex with noone around but with some high voltage wires running al over the place. No glitches, no oops ahhhs, and no swet at all. Just remember if using the Gy401 to do the initial setup so you can have the gain controled in the aileron espo switch, 0 = HH and 1 non HH. The throtle / pitch curves are a bit vage but my idle up is basically linear at 100% in the 3 points and work perfect for my sport do a loop and roll flying. Just my 2 cents.
Old 10-18-2006, 01:00 AM
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Default RE: anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

Been using the DX6 for almost 10 months and have really enjoyed going to the field and not worrying about being locked out. It's too bad that the servo's are so bad could have saved the 40 bucks and sold just the TX and RX on it's own. If you buy one go ahead and buy a JR battery before you even walk out of the LHS. For me I would always get a bit nervous seeing the battery gauge at 10volts now with the new battery I know I have plenty of juice for all day of flying. As said above I fly in Gov mode so the 3 curves never bothered me. If you have a bit of time I believe they are coming out with a DX7 you may want to look into it.
Old 11-01-2006, 11:50 AM
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Default RE: anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

Can you explain to me the problem with the servos?

I am looking to buy this for an electric airplane.

You also mentioned batteries. Tell me more.

I like the idea of no hassle with frequencies but I need range and they say this is a park flyer system. Tell me about any problems you've had with range.

Thanks Bob

[email protected]
Old 11-02-2006, 01:04 AM
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Default RE: anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

The servos just ok servos, nothing to brag about. They would most likely work fine in parkflier size airplanes but I would not use them in any helicopter. (including the blade cp)

There are serious upsides to not glitching and not having to worry about other folks on your freq.

I have never had a range issue to the point of having trouble seeing the aircraft.

I do however recommend that people don't use this system in their more expensive aircraft as I personally had one lockout when I was using it in my eRaptor50 heli. This was after many great flights with no issues. Just one day it decided that it was time to turn off and whamo, several hundred dollars in damage. I have the new DX-7 on order to use in my bigger than trex 450 size helicopters.

I would also recommend that if you can afford the extra $150 and have the patience to wait until they are available, do buy the DX-7 and not the DX-6. You can still get the AR-6000 receivers for your parkflier size/cost aircraft and have much better programming options on the Tx. You also get a timer which seems to be a requirement for any heli flying and some airplane flying. Plus you get a system that is recommended for use in any size model aircraft as far as you can see it. (using the DX-7 receiver) If the DX-7 turns out to be as good as advertised you will most likely see a large amount of folks starting to convert to DSM technology.
Old 11-02-2006, 01:51 AM
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Default RE: anyone using Spektrum radio w/ Trex?

One little tid bit of info on the DX6. Well I was flying my T-rex the other day and my TX battery low alarm came on and I chose to ignore it and thought I could get another few minutes of flying in. Well I probably should have landed right away because it eventulally lost control of the heli and it went nuts. After breaking the blades off by tipping over near the ground it settled down on it's skids and it kept trying to lift off but couldn't beause the blades were broken... thank god! If they weren't broken it probably would have taken off again and flew into the trees. So it just sat there hopping and blades spinning. I decided to turn of the TX completely and it finally shut down. Luckily the only damage was 2 main blades and 1 tail blade.m SO keep this in ,ind next time your tx batteries get low!

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