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new mgt 8.0 motor???

Old 03-26-2009, 10:49 PM
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Default new mgt 8.0 motor???

i'm having problems tuning my mgt 8.0 engine from break in. followed the book to the t and still i can only get it to run good with the motor running rich, talked to my lhs guy and he said that the mgt 8.0 that he just got in has a different motor with a smaller cooling head and looks different than the origenal mgt 8.0 motor, i have contacted team associated and they said there is no such thing as a new motor, but i have seen the new mgt 8.0 and it is a different motor than mine, has anyone heard or seen a new motor for the mgt 8.0. mine the low speed idle runs away and can't control the truck . i have to put on the brake and stop the motor and then restart, and then is ok for a while and then the same thing happens, team associated told me to send my motor to them and they will repair or replace it with the same motor, i have talked to people with the (updated) motor that have bought it and said it is a dream to tune and run, is associated just pulling my leg or what?????please if anyone has heard anything please post.the truck is a monster and i like it very much , but with the problems i'm having i can't run this truck without a chance of a good or bad problem happening.
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Default RE: new mgt 8.0 motor???

It's probably not a new motor, but they just put a different cooling head on it. That's not nearly a significant enough change to call the motor new or redesigned. The MGT 8.0's are easy to tune and do run great. What fuel are you using? If you're using Top Fuel or Blue Thunder that is more than likely what is causing the problem. Also, a motor isn't really broken in after a few tanks like they'll tell you in the manual. It takes 1/2-1 gallon through it to really get it broken in and running the best and most reliable possible. I know Nitrotane and/or O'Donnell works good in them. Sidewinder and a couple of others are supposed to work well too, but I've no experience with them. I have a feeling it's the fuel your using and the fact it's probably barely broken in that are causing your problems.
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Default RE: new mgt 8.0 motor???

What I have to relate is nothing but theory and my own experience with this truck and engine. Ranger mentioned his trucks "idle run away".Mine does the same thing and I noticed the pressure line to the tank clogs with oil after a short time. That big sucker has got to have a thirst for fuel that it's just not getting enough of due to the loss of tank pressure. I can adjust the HSN any way I want and it acts exacly the same, starts fine, runs 2 minutes and then leans out. And it's way too hot(240F) so it's too lean for sure!

I'm running Morgan 20%( I think they make Sidewinder). The weather has been too crappy for any furthing messing with this thing, but at this piont I hope to just deal with it till it'll run on a leaner setting and hopefully it won't clog up with spent oil.

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