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cstevenpeterson 02-18-2014 09:30 AM

Warning to Those Using CA Over Certain Types of Foam
OK, this is wierd - I was not injured and my house did not burn down so you can laugh at my experience. That being said, this may be something to be aware of, hence a "TIP".

I like to use an ironing board with a cheap foam-backed cover as a work surface when ironing out wrinkles in new ARF's prior to assembly - it is portable and provides a soft surface on which to work. Over the weekend, I was doing just that and discovered a ply fuse part that had a slight crack in it. I decided to soak some CA onto the subject component when I spilled the CA onto the padded (foam backed) ironing board cover. Without thinking, I quickly grabbed some paper towels and tried to soak up the excess CA from the cover. Well, it stuck to my hand (DUH!) and I realized it was extremely hot! After dancing around a bit, I looked back at the ironing board and it began to smoke! I was ready to grab the fire extinguisher but as I watched, it slowed down and stopped smoking about a minute later. Not sure what type of open cell foam this is or if it would have caught fire, but it became very hot! Just something to be aware of. Now of course, the child in me is taking over ( I am 57) and I think I might take what is left outside and give it a good dose of CA just to see what kind of cool stuff happens!:D


hookedonrc 02-19-2014 05:32 PM

That's what the Mythbusters do! Take it to the next level.....;) Seriously, I would be careful, I always wonder how dangerous the fumes are. I have trouble breathing after I have used a lot of it.

TomCrump 02-20-2014 04:52 AM

I frequently use an ironing board, and get CA on it frequently.

I've never had that problem, but you're tip opened my eyes to the possible consequenses of CA abuse. :o

cstevenpeterson 02-20-2014 05:44 AM

When I went to buy a new cover, I saw that only the cheap covers have this foam. The more expensive ones have another type of padding which may not be an issue. In fact, other foams may not be an issue either - not sure of the chemical makeup of the foam that I had the issue with.


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