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Jeff396 04-29-2002 11:23 PM

Monokote base and additional stripes
I am building a Midwest Pitt's special. I am covering it with true red Monokote. My question is what is the best way to apply the sunburst and stripes over the Monokote? I have considered painting them on, doing them in Monokote or using the adhesive trim sheets. There is also supposed to be a black border around all of the white stripes. Again, what would be my best bet for doing that? Can someone point me in a direction that would be the easiest but still get really nice results. :)


BingoFlyer 04-30-2002 12:24 PM

Monokote base and additional stripes
I have very good luck installing sunbursts using MonoKote over Monokote. I cut the starburst and then apply by spraying Windex on the wing and applying the starburst and squeeging untill all bubbles are removed. I then let set for 24 hrs. before tacking down with a warm (175-200 deg.) iron then I go around the edges with a sealing iron set at hot.

I alao have had good luck by making a skin before starting to cover, The skin has the starburst cut out of the base color and a larger starburst applied over the cutout. I do this on a sheet of glass and have had good luck using a sealing iron (hot) and also MonoKote Adhesive Solvent. Again I use Windex sprayed on the glass and remove all bubbles with a squeege.

I hope this helps it is much easier than it sounds, the second method saves a little weight and has no chance of bubbles appearing under the starburst but is more time consuming and slightly more difficult.

The stripes around the sunburst I cut using MonoKote's SmartStripe it lets you cut perfect stripes and will pay for itself by not having to purchase stripe material (I use MonoKote scrap).

Jeff396 04-30-2002 12:37 PM

Monokote base and additional stripes
Thanks, I'll give the first method a shot. I think I'll try it on my test bed plane "Lil' Mule" and make my mistakes there. I was going to use the windex method with the adhesive backed stuff but had never heard of using it with Monokote. :) The other method sounds better but I don't think I'm quite up to that yet. Besides, I already have one of the wings covered.


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