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Schenky 07-20-2003 05:31 AM

air temperature
Just want to know what the maximum temperature you can run turbines in.In the summer we usualy get upto 40c or i think thats about 100f.

JET FX 07-20-2003 03:10 PM

Hi Schenky, Where are you located?
Re- operating temps for TJT turbines.
As you may be aware TJT turbines are manufactured in Perth, Western Australia which is well known for its 'warmer' climate, so full TJT factory turbine development, ground and flight testing takes place under these warm conditions that are regularly well above 40 c. There are also many TJT turbines being operated by modelers in hotter climates both across Australia and also in the Middle East and Mediterranean as well with out any problems whatsoever.
So to answer your question..... 'NO' you should not have any concerns about operating TJT turbines in the hotter climates. I have not heard of any concerns or running problems from owner/operators of TJT turbines due to high ambient temps.

However if operating in 'colder' weather conditions such as North American or European winters we advise TJT customers to make sure that they keep start gas (fill) cylinders warm-ish as we have seen some problems develop with the cold weather freezing up start gas solenoid o-rings... Not much we can do about that unfortunately ;)


Schenky 07-21-2003 08:29 AM

air temperature
Thanks for that iam less concerned now,12 months ago i had a pressure fadec and it would have been at least 120 in the shade and i could not get a start wiyhout flames out the exhaust.Just wondering about the reduced density and the fadec trying to over fuel the engine,but now i have converted to a rpm fadec and the problem should be gone.

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