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Bridi Aero Commander

Old 02-17-2005, 11:13 PM
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Default Bridi Aero Commander

Anyone out there who has built or flown the Bridi Aero Commander kit?
Old 02-17-2005, 11:45 PM
William Robison
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Default RE: Bridi Aero Commander

There has been a fair bit of discussion on the Bridi kit, and Aero Commanders in general here. Do a search, you'll get several hits.

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Default RE: Bridi Aero Commander

I'm building one right now. I've heard all the discussion on the Birdi kit not wanting to fly.
I've added 1/4" to the trailing edge and a 1/4" to the leading edge. With this, I've added more washout to the wingtip area. I'm using Serria design rotating retracts w/ Robart 100 degree nose retract and Irvine 53 2C's. Should be enough power. Probably test it the same as other planes, generate max speed on takeoff before pulling it off the ground and then test flight characteristics with a lot of altitude. Hope it fly’s fast because that's what I'm looking for.
Wings were interesting to build: glassed the flaps and ailerons before installing them on the wing. I'll glass the wing after the halves are joined in order to fill the gaps around the nacelles and have everything look good. I ran tubes in the wing before sheeting for leads to the aileron and throttle servos, also the air lines for the retracts. I didn't like the mechanical linkages they recommended. Using Hitec thin wing servos for the ailerons and mini's for the throttles. I made glass hatches for the aileron servo pockets before cutting the sheeting away for the aileron servos. Using the internal linkages for the elevators and rudder, but I'll make a glass hatch for that area in the tail. Decided to try Central Hobbies carbon fiber push rod system for the elevators.
That's about it for now, back to getting the retracts installed.
Old 03-10-2005, 10:20 AM
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Default RE: Bridi Aero Commander

I own the bridi kit and the main thing that stands out in my mind is FAST. The plane is so clean that it can real hall *****. I got mine used from a gentleman in Az. It is a full 6 channel setup, when i got it, it did not have engines so I bought a pair of new 2 OS 50sx's. Definately not a beginners plane, and unfortunately mine had a string of bad luck, but it is rebuildable. First off there is not a lot of room for fuel tanks so take this in consideration and keep your flight times down to a minimum. On my first flight I was having an absolute blast, and wasn't thinking of time. To make a long story short I was doing some practice aproaches and on my second practice aproach I had an engine die[]!! I kept it strait, didn't want to turn with a dead engine, well of course it flew passed the runway and into the dirt field surrounding our flying field and right before I "crashed" landed it tip stalled and cart wheeled in the dirt. I have it all on video and will share, I also had it a little nose heavy for the first take-off which you will see it "jump" in the air, but the duel rates help smooth this out in flight.

Take off
Fly by
Crash landing

I fixed it from this "crash" got another flight that went well, perfect take off and perfect landing. On the second flight I did some mild aerobatics, rolls and loops, and the plane tracked well. Unfortunately on my third flight I had a structural failure, one outboard wing section seperated in flight, to save the plane I put it into a flat spin and it came down on its belly in the surrounding field that was this time full of "soy bean plants" which cushioned the "crash so its not hurt much worse than the first time and I will have it back in the air again. Just wish I had more time so that I could actually get to it. Hope this helps if you have anymore questions please feel free to send me a PM.

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Default RE: Bridi Aero Commander

Hi muggenkid:

Do you still have those videos of your aerocommander available?. Im am currently working on myne and getting into the primer stages.

Im using OS.46 with Tru Turn Spinners and Graupner 3 blade props. Jr. Radio SXII, regarding fuel I used Kyosho Heli tanks which have a kind of "U" shape. The retract sits about 1" inside the tank. I believe around 10-12 oz. fuel per tank.

Robart 90 degree rotating retracts, all gear doors are pneumatic including the double set for the nose as the real shrike (still scratchin my head about this. Nav. light, etc.

How much did yours weight RTF?. Im a little concerned about mine. I have heard about stories about not been flyable, etc. Still I trust the ship (and speed).

YOur imput will be apreciated.


Christian Sanchez
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Default RE: Bridi Aero Commander

Hello her is mine joe bridi aero comander, landing light nav light send som pics off my plane,gone use 2 os 70 4stroke
her is the collor for my plane gone have copit to this plane is 18 years old nov time tu putting it to the air, i gone make som leggs to the gear nose and main
if ju want more pics my mail adress is [email protected]
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