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Red Scholefield 09-27-2004 07:32 PM

No BS Batteries
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I had a chance to look at these packs. No BS Batteries is owned by Steve Anthony who worked for S&R as the head shop guy.

No BS Battery Analysis

Transmitter Pack 8 cell Sanyo 800 AA 2 X 2 X 2 config. Date code IA (Jan 04)
Receiver Pack 4 cell Sanyo 800 AA Flat pack Date code IA (Jan 04)

Receiver pack had 20 mil over sleeve (most manufacturers use 6 mil). Lead wires 8” long awg 20 wire (most manufacturers use 4-6” long w/awg 22 –24). Futaba J connector w/gold flashed pins. Stress relief on lead provided by 1” filament/strapping tape. Weight 101.2 grams vs. 88.1 grams for Futaba 4 cell AA 700 mAh pack. Cell interconnections .187” X .005” thick nickel straps triple welded (Futaba packs double welded Ni-plated steel – some other pack assemblers use .158” wide tabs). See photo. Pack voltage as received 4.48 volts suggesting unformed cells. (Sample not selected for this test). Discharge @ 250 mA after 24 hour charge @ C/10 (80 mA) 991 mAh to 3.6 volt cut off (123% of rated capacity).

Transmitter pack OCV as received 8.34 volts (unformed cells). Discharge @ 250 mA after 24 hour charge @ C/10 (80 mA) 969 mAh to 7.2 volt cut off (121% of rated capacity). Pack over sleeve 6 mil (standard for transmitter packs). Leads awg 22 wire with Futaba J connector w/ gold flash pins. Interconnecting straps.187 X .005, triple welded, cell sticks connected by folded tab. Fiber insulation plate used on each end of pack.

Discussion: The No BS receiver pack employs heavy-duty construction that is as good as I have ever seen. The techniques used result in an overall lower pack resistance than packs using the same cells from other cell assemblers as well as a pack that is more resistant to shock and vibration seen in the R/C aircraft environment. Transmitter packs while essentially the same type of construction as other pack providers are of top quality assembly.

One each of each type tested. Test device – Alpha 4.

Notation for attached picture.
Pack welding.
Futaba pack at top
No BS pack at bottom

Red’s R/C Battery Clinic

Lee Belew 09-28-2004 09:32 AM

RE: No BS Batteries

I for one want to thank you for this information. This is probably the best info I have seen reported on battery packs that are available for purchase. I have worked with this type of things for approx. 35 years and I really do think you for your information for us flyers expecially us seniors.


Lee Belew

Hangtime 09-28-2004 12:03 PM

RE: No BS Batteries
Red, my humble thanks for your review!

So that folks may find us on the web or locate forum discussions mentioning our packs try also NoBS (without a space) Batteries, and our website home is at www.hangtimes.com

Thanks again for the analysis!

DBCherry 10-01-2004 05:57 AM

RE: No BS Batteries
Thanks from me as well Red.

I place a lot of faith in your assesments and your advice in general. I use to follow your columns when you wrote for whatever that magazine was. (The one that I dropped my subscription to during all that controversy.)

I for one will be buying my next packs from No BS. :D

vicman 10-01-2004 06:46 AM

RE: No BS Batteries
I picked up a few packs from him at Joe Nall. He made them up just for me right on the spot and they are doing a great job. Steve also spent some time with me discussing charging and chargers and gave some great advice. After my time spent with him I have much more confidence on how to accurately charge my batteries.

Thanks for a great product and friendly service!
PS. did you ever get the Dymond ST instructions I sent?
Vic in NC

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