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Walkera 36 is flying great !

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Default Walkera 36 is flying great !

Just to share my opinion here for all of you wondering about the specific heli.

I got it about 2 months ago and hadn't really done any flying.
First because of the bad battery (2200mah) that came extra with it. Or at least I thought it was. After debating whether to spend money for a multi charger for lipos, that would set me up even more behind financially for a what I thought it would be a cheap heli, I decided to get one.
So after $130 later for the hobbico charger that comes with a power supply ( really now, why don't they just include them on the other chargers like triton) which is a plus because it's not like the chargers are cheap, I managed to charge my extra battery which meant that the cheap wall charger that came with it was malfunctioning.

On my excitement however to try the battery after being grounded for about a month and a half, (second reason I hadn't done any flying )I flew the heli right on my garage door and broke thank God only my blade grips.(I didn't extended the antenna and I think lost control for about 3 seconds which was enough in the tight spot I was.)
I just received my full metal upgrades just a couple of days ago from EHIROBO for the head unit, and changed the blade grips for now. I didn't feel like taking apart the whole head for now, maybe another time.

After finishing a runs on the 2200mah battery (stopped way before it drained ) I have to say this thing flies great !!!!
I have read people complaining about their own after they received them, and how they have problems with their electronics, but for now, with everything stock besides the metal blade grip upgrades and a new set of blades from EHIROBO, this thing is very stable.
It flies smoothly, minimum vibrations,(just in the beginning but after some throttle it calms down) and good enough power with the lipo.

I don't know how long the motor or the electronics will last me, but for the money, I think it is a good heli to get for a beginner-intermediate flier. Considering that a T-REX will run you almost double or triple, you can't go wrong I think.

I personally got this one with the idea to practice home, without having to get far from the house as I am in the city and it's hard if you don't have enough time to devote to this hobby.
I really hated the fact that you have to get a proper charger to fully appreciate those lipos and it's going to cost you, but it was an excellent purchase, I recommend it. I will use it for all my other batteries anyway.

As I said, this is my little toy for around the house, as I have a new Hawk pro with Toki engine and FU401 gyro with servo waiting to be build in the garage. I just hope I get around it before summer ends. For us guys living on the north side of the border, it gets kinda cold to fly a heli outside.(frickin snow...)

So, for now, my verdict is that it's worth it.
It doesn't cost much
Is a bigger size than dragonflies etc.
Can help you with advancing in your control (requires ruder control ) before getting something better later..
Can be flown in the house or around it.
Definitely requires upgrade lipo in order to fly though !

As long as you are willing to spend some money for an extra charger (which is safer anyway for those lipos) you can fly without much hassles.
Please make a note that I don't pretend to know much about helis, I am only comfortable at hovering so far, but I have read a lot of comments from people debating about the Walkera 36 on different threads and I thought to share my experience.

For now , I am doing good, and have ordered a second lipo from CREDENCE who started carrying them in the Canadian side of the border, and looking forward to some more hours of fun.
Good luck everyone.

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Default RE: Walkera 36 is flying great !

Just be careful of the heat problem on the electronics and motor ([link=]check this guide to prevent damage from overheat[/link]), the No. 36 is good. The Walkera helicopter body design is good. Just the electronics is bad quality.

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