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4#3b vs Walkera 4G3

Old 05-24-2009, 09:22 PM
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Default 4#3b vs Walkera 4G3

I wanted some advice from you guys. Moving on from CX Helicopters and want to move up to more of a challenge but also enjoy and want to grow in the hobby. My question...Is the 4G3 harder to fly then the 4#3b? Can I get the 4G3 with the idea of growing into 3D, which in turn helps avoid buying another copter in the future. In other words I dont buy both because the 4G3 has more capablity. Can I just keep the "3D switch" off and get the same results as the 4#3b? Thanks in advance.....really enjoy these forums!
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Default RE: 4#3b vs Walkera 4G3

Note that the 4G3 is a lot larger.

Old 05-24-2009, 10:44 PM
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Default RE: 4#3b vs Walkera 4G3

I don't have a 4G3 or a 4#3b but I know that the 4G3 is a variable pitch heli which is why it can do 3D. The 4#3b is fixed pitched heli so there is no 3D, but this will be easier to fly than the 4G3. Since the 4G3 is so small, its not very stable and the controls are very sensitive so this might not be the best choice.
You are better off going with a bigger heli like a Blade 400 or something else that size, the bigger the heli the most stable it is. Plus with the Blade 400 you get a nice transmitter also so you can adjust settings in the TX to tame down the B400 to make it easier to fly. I also heard good thing from the CP Pro 2, just stay away from the first CP Pro. Although if you want something smaller and not as expensive as a bigger heli then go with the 4#3b, it won't be as much as a handful as the 4G3 will be.

That's my input, I probably missed some stuff so if any one wants to add on or correct me go ahead.
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Default RE: 4#3b vs Walkera 4G3

If you have limited flight expirence on anything other than a co-axial, I would NOTrecommend the 4g3, it is a small and twichy CP heli.

Bigger is better when it comes to heli's, if I had to do it again I'd had started with the T-rex 500, then gone smaller as my skills increased. I started with a 300 sized heli (AXE CPv1) which was OK to develop my skills, then went to the T-rex 500. There ISno comparision between the 300 & 500 sized heli's, the 500 is SO much easier to control! It is uneffected by wind & gusts, the larger size makes it easier to see 100' up &working on it or repairing itis simpler too.

The 4g3 is 1/10th the size of the 500, if you sneeze it gets blown off-course. Also it is very small, therefore the parts are very small, working on it can be a P.I.T.A. as the weakest part of the rotorhead is the feathering spindle @ 2mm in diameter with the world's tiniest 1mm flat head screws to hold it on. Although it is alot of fun flying in a small office cubical space or warehouse, as long as your flight skills are up to par.

Old 06-05-2009, 01:08 PM
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Default RE: 4#3b vs Walkera 4G3

Shadow99 Is on the money!
Ive had em all. The cx helis are great to get the basic stick controls down and have a bit of fun. If you have decided helis are for you then id look at getting some sort of simulator, this will save you 100's in the long run. Id skip the 450's and anything smaller and go straight to a 500. Dont kid your self you will end up spending that much money on the little guys in the end anyway. Once you get into the bigger helis you can buy bits one at a time as you can aford it. That is if money is a problem. if its not what are you waiting for just do it.
You wont regret a trex 500 trust me i know there is better helis on the market that size but they are still great.

AS for the 4g3 i dont really like it that much and is quite a hand full.

If i was going to do it from the start these days id do it like this
CopterX 500 (trex 500 rip off everything fits and it already has all the alloy upgrades) I would however change all the screws to hex head
scorpion motor (better than the align)
speed controler anything that will do i still have the align stock controler and it is great.
futaba 401gyrowith the package servo 9257 ( you will need spare gear sets for these they quite often break in a good crash)
Spektrum DX6i radio ihave used the AR6100 rx and never had any problems but the AR6200 is a safer option if you have the cash
Cyclic servos i started with Hitec HS82MG cheep but bit sloppy good for learning, check the forum for other options
Then its just battery packs Up to you how much money you want to spend i have outrage packs and love em some guys use 2 3s packs to save money.
So thats what i reckon for a beginner after looking back at what i went through
The trex 500 will take you as far as your skills will alow. Have fun and crash lightly.
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Default RE: 4#3b vs Walkera 4G3

totally agree!  4#3 is one of the hardest helicopter to fly, and 4G3 is worst.  But I had seen people flying 4G3 inverted in a space about 3x3M, he is a 3D master.  LOL.  But I still enjoy flying them very much.  For the next step I think you are better off with something like a belt CP or CopterX 450 RTF as it is a lot more stable than these little heli and much easier to learn with.

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