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Walkera DF #4

Old 01-19-2010, 06:59 PM
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Default Walkera DF #4

Hi guys,

Before Istart Idid see the existing #4 thread, and I've managed to get through quite a few pages of it, but seeing as its sooo long it would take me nearly a year to get through it, so my apologies if making a new thread.

I've only be flying heli's for a short time, and Iknow geting a coaxle would possibly have been a better choice, but the reviews of this heli were good and Inoticed other novice flyers chose this model and seem to have had good success.

So, Ibought it with the metal head already on and its the 2.4ghz version. After reading here and other sources I've checked the "must do" items such as servo position, swashplate alignment etc. The only thing Ihaven't done yet is to move the servo linkage to the inner location to reduce the amount of movement, this Iwill do very shortly. I'm also going to join an RC heli club as this hopefully will provide some hands on help from experienced flyers.

Anyway, the question Ihave is...

Ihad the heli out at our local park last night. I've spent a reasonable amount of time skirting it around our lounge room getting familiar with the controls etc. and Ihave training gear on it. Igot it in the air several times, but on each occasion it almost immediately went into a left-hand roll. Ichecked the trims and moved the slider accordingly, but nothing seemed to make any difference. There was little or no wind.....

Iguess I'm looking to see of this is normal, or there could be something else not setup correctly. Iknow hovering isn't the easiest thing in the world, and Inot expecting to fly this with the limited amount of experience Ihave, but it would be nice to have to "kinda" hover.

Iwould appreciate any advice you could provide.


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Default RE: Walkera DF #4


I am going to get this heli for myself next month, I have a original df 4 and could barely get a hove out of it. how is yours going? where did you get yours from?

are you happy with it?
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Default RE: Walkera DF #4


The heli seems fine. Its quite robust.

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the heli, its more setup and skill....

I'm going to join an RC heli club shortly. I'm hoping this will expedite the learning phase so flying will be more fun.

Ipurchased it from eBay...

Old 01-29-2010, 09:35 PM
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Default RE: Walkera DF #4

hey did your heli develop any wobbles? mine did.
Old 02-27-2010, 06:22 PM
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Default RE: Walkera DF #4

this is normal to an extent the torque of the main rotor will cause the heli to roll left on lift off you can and in most cases have to counteract this with a little right stick

after the heli gets off the ground and out of rotor wash it should fly and trim normal considering its setup correctly i have the original df 4 on seperates and some mods and fly the tar out of it
its still on the original main motor after around 70 flights

great heli to start with but the best advice i can give is to practice hovering alot until you can hover in all directions also make sure your heli is setup correctly and it will be much easier to fly

there are a lot of mods for this heli but my favorite are the super skids kit and t rex 450 flybar cut down to fit the #4 its metal and will not snap in a crash plus you get two in a package for like $4
if you need help with this mod let me know and ill guide you thru it its simple to do

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Default RE: Walkera DF #4

Hi all,
thats is my first post here....

I've already got two wk4 (plastic ones) once i used the first one to learn (and crash).
Once I got the hang of it, I bought the 2nd one that is literally perfect (still, after onlyone crash out of about 40 flights).

My best advise for beginers with walkera #4 is.:

SUPERBLADES+7.4v LiPo battery pack 1300Amh+original LiPo charger. (super skids brand)

Believe me, I'm not trying to sell it, but they really work great. there are some videos on youtube that shows a guy flying a walkera #4 without hands!!! and that is not a joke!!!.
After installing a pair of superblades XP and having the machine all adjusted, I can manage to take my hands off the joystick for about 3 or 4 secs (what is great), and now I can fly with a bit of wind as well (nearly impossible and dangerousbefore). The battery gives me about18 min of flight cos the blades XP don't have a lot of lift, they are more for fast flights.

These guys (superskids) have 2 type of blades, the XP for advance flights and another one (forgot the name) for beginers, even more stable than the XP ones and givibg more than 22min flights. Be carfull with over heating issues though if you live in a hot country as I was used to.

Justto conclude, I'm also using now a CNC alluminium swashplate on my WK4 Plastic (bought in 2008) and it fits as a glove,
Based on some reviews and using the logic, I think the plastic partson the rotorhead work as a protection for the main shaft in case of crash, thats why I only replaced the swashplate (for better control) and not the whole head for the more robust material.

Anyway, I'm sure that the blades are the ones that made A LOT of difference on the control. The rest is only advise but the blades are mandatory!

Carry on with your trainning skids until you can stay on the air during a whole battery cycle. Do it for at least10 times before you remove the skids. After about 2 or 3 months you might start flying faster. Maybe in about 8months-1 year (or more) you'll be flying the heli with the nose pointed to you, then you are an EXPERT...................

Hope to have helped a bit and sorry about my bad english!!!

See U.


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Default RE: Walkera DF #4

Super Skids is at....
Din't know about these guys.
I just might look into getting some parts.
I've had 4 of the DF#4s, and was disappointed/ran out of money for parts for all of them.

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