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edoubleaz 04-10-2021 04:08 PM

Desert armor korps reaches 15 years in az
15 Years comes at you fast! 15 years ago today at Tamiyacon 2006, founders Craig Pierce and I entered the RC Tank club world by agreeing to start DAK as the Phoenix, AZ battle group. That first year we put the word out via the web and through local Hobby Shops. A hundred or so flyers later we were serious about recruiting and soon had our first 4 members meet up at my rented house in Arcadia. Soon after we found a free field to play with our toys! (Thank you Bryan and Larry Grapentine!) Original crew: Ethan Dunsford, Doug Sharpe, Scott Hurst, and Craig Pierce. With the help of my local IPMS-Phoenix Chapter, AMPS-AZ and a few military vehicle show appearances, we attracted a few new members including long time members Artie Ottaviano and Dave Jones who still show up today! Thanks to the Duane Pickett, Jeff and Aimee, John Gibson, Craig Thompson who joined around the same time and still show up despite our insanity! There are many more past and present crew worth mentioning like Al P, Kris B, Craig 3, John G, Dom B, Charles S, Kevin W, James H, Sam LG, but this post is to remember the original gang and hope we have at least 15 more seasons!

Ethan Dunsford



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