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another 110 FZ

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Default another 110 FZ

Troy I just read your post to RC pilot. It was helpful. Here's my situation.

I have a 110 on a Sig Mayhem and it runs great. After getting it back from Richard I haven't touched it. So I bought one for my Jerry's Big Boy. I must have burned a gallon of fuel and never could get it to transition. I sent it back to Richard and when I got it back it still didn't seem to be right but I mounted it anyway and began the trial of trying to get it to idle, transition, run at all. After several trips to the field and not being able to fly it I pulled it from the plane, plumbing and all and put it on the bench. I fueled it today with YS 20/20 and set all back to factory. It did start but wouldn't run without the heat on it. I could swear I tried a new plug at the field last time but I went ahead and put a new OS F in it and tried again. It fired up and idled fine. I noticed the trans was rich and turned the reg in a half. It was still rich so I went another 1/4 turn in. Reset the high needle and was finally getting somewhere. It was running about 9500 rpm with a 16X6 APC a bit rich. It still seemed a bit rich on trans so I went another 1/8 in and reset the high again. I needed some more fuel so I cracked open the cool power 30% heli I bought to try and restarted it. It seems to love that stuff but seeing it probably needs two or three gallons through it before it will settle down and idle lower, I'm willing to leave it as it is for now. I haven't touched the low and it's set at 1 1/2 out. It idles ok about 2200 but after 30 secs of so it seems to be rich as I start to transition.

BTW when I say that it was still rich, I thought that because when I killed the engine gas was bubbling out of the carb. Since leaning the reg that has all but stopped.
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Troy Newman
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Default RE: another 110 FZ

You are close.

Changing fuels to 30% heli froma 20/20 fuel you will need to change the mixture settings.....They will need to go richer. So if it was already rich at 20/20 and you put 30% heli in it the settings would be closer to correct...for the new fuel. I would say you are still a little rich on the regulator....Adjust it another 1/8th and it should be good....From there. Some engines will settle down after a few runs and other may take about a gallon or two.

You just learned the lesson of a new glow plug when an engine is new and breaking in. This is common. In fact very common. After a while of running it will be good then all of a sudden start to act likes your did. A new plug will bring it right back. Glow plugs are not like spark plugs ina car. I usually change plugs before a major competition regardless....They are cheap $5 at Central and it saves me hassle dealing with a poor running engine.

Good Luck with it...

Troy Newman
Team YS

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