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YS 160DZ Fuel Consumption

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Default YS 160DZ Fuel Consumption

Hi Troy,

I have a 160 DZ on my Synergy turning an APC 16x12 prop with CP Hell Mix 30%. I use a Tetra 580cc tank and I can hardly fly for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes flight I have nearly no fuel in the tank. My mixture needle is a bit les than 1.5 out from fullt closed. I found with this setting I can get the YS normal smoke, and my engine runs cool even in summer periods.

I know that the above setup is not the most efficient power wise, this prop load is not enough and my rpm is a lot higher. Do you think that the high consumption is related to the high rpm? If I used a 17x12 prop for example would I expect less fuel consumption as my rpm would drop?

The engine was moved to another plane with more prop clearance, now I can try up to 18' props and I will see, before that I would like your comments to the high consumption issue if possible.

Other than that, engine runs great.

Thanks in advance,
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Default RE: YS 160DZ Fuel Consumption

Unfortunately Troy is no longer taking care of this forum, certainly a loss for us. At any rae if you are running a rich mixture and at an elevated RPM your fuel comsumption will be greater than that of a leaner mixture at a lower RPM.

What is the actual RPM reading? Just wondering sinc you only say a lot higher.
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Default RE: YS 160DZ Fuel Consumption

Even the 17x12 isn't quite enough load for the 160. We were breaking in one this weekend at the field and were running an 18.1x10 on it (not the wide and not the sport). What size fuel tank do you have? If you're only running a 16 oz tank, the runs you are getting are about right depending on throttle management.
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Default RE: YS 160DZ Fuel Consumption

I live and fly here in Phoenix and have picked up some valuable info from Troy since going with YS. If you have a fuel consuption issue you are probably too rich on high end. Use a tach and not your ear to set the high and low speeds on your YS. Lean it out till it just starts to drop off RPM and back off 3-4 clicks. It's amazing how the engine will not change in sound. Being from the 2 stroke world that was the hardest thing for me to learn - don't trust your ear with this engine. Just my 2 cents.


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