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djr1007 07-18-2007 12:27 PM

How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Since the change at YS service, I seem to notice an increase in "I got my YS back from service and can't get it to run right". Now I expect some minor tuning after service, but they are supposed to be run tested and factory set. I've never had but a minor adjustment to do on new engines.
I've got several 110s to send in, but I'm concerned about if they will come back better or worse. Could be I only see the problem updates in the forum which is making it seem like a problem. I'd like to know how many have sent in their engine and had NO trouble when it came back.

arobatx 07-18-2007 12:51 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
I've talked with Richard on the phone, from service, and found him to be helpful and respectful. With the exception of certain events throughout the year, service has been a quick turnaround, and I have never had to do anything but tune my engine for my environment when returned. Dave Shadel was always great to work with through here, and I have found no negative impact whatsoever after Troy taking over.

flyer 69 07-18-2007 01:47 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
YS service continues to be a problem with no response to phone messages or e-mails. When you do get someone on the phone, they are courteous but lack a decent command of the English language. The guy I spoke with ended every sentence with "OK?", and acted like I was wasting his time asking questions about my new engine.

chepenik 07-18-2007 08:31 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Is anyone able to direct me to a website where I might download program to run simulation of UCANDO 60 (or 40) on GFlight 3.5?

Jimmy Skids 07-18-2007 09:37 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
I've always had a very positive experience in dealing with the service department via the phone, and when I've sent things in.

Jimmy Skids

Troy Newman 07-25-2007 11:01 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
There has not been any change in YS service. The only change is that YS Parts and Service now is the sole owner of the YS performance import business that they were partners 50-50 in before. The only change has been on the importing side. Richard Verano has been the owner and operating of YS Parts and Service wince 99 when Dave Shadel and he started YS performance.

They are very customer service oriented and work hard to keep folks happy. As with any operation I know its tough to keep everybody happy all the time. This forum is the opportunity to get help with your engines if they have problems.

I know for a fact that all the engines that are repaired are actually run at YS Parts and Service before they are sent back to the owner. They test the engines and make inital settings. If it leave the service dept it has been run and setup.

Not always is an engine problem with the engine. Fuel, tanks, plumbing and other issues are often in the mix as well. YS Parts and Service often spend hours upon hours on the phone helping customers get things going. This forum is another resource that is sponsored by RCU and YS Performance-Parts and Service.

Troy Newman
Team YS

chepenik 07-26-2007 08:58 AM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Ignore my message regarding UCANDO 60 download; have found it is available in Expansion Pack 1 from Real Flight.

P.S. Have found Richard at YS Service exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous; costs for repairs and service very reasonable as well.

Cyberwolf 07-28-2007 09:24 AM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Myself I have only sent back a couple of engines the 91 FZ for a gas ported piston under warranty and a 63 that nobody could find what was wrong. But Richard at YS was more than helpfull he sent me a new in the box 63 S in exchange for the older 63 . I have talked to Richard as well as Troy and Dave several times and found them all to be of great help in answering any problems I may have had.
Myself I have my doubts that YS service is sending out anything that will not meet there requirments on purpose. But were all human and I suppose that a problem could be missed ,but where they run the engines before there shipped its very unlikely.
Iv'e said this more than once and will say it again, Most of the YS engines problems are created by the new owners that don't fully understand how to set the engine up correctly,or bother to read the instructions.

flyer 69 08-10-2007 04:06 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
A guy in our club just got his back and it ran great for 5 flights, then went back to doing what it was originally sent in for. They replaced the regulator and some internals. NEW 110S. He's not a happy camper.

Cyberwolf 08-10-2007 06:23 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Myself I feel a phone call is in order to YS and talk with Richard. What is the engine doing or should I say not doing , besides not running right.
The 91 FZ I sent in runs like a dream now after the new piston was added,thats really all I can go by myself all of my other repairs I did myself with the help of central hobbyies or YS for parts.
The engine ran ok for 5 flights then started acting up ,so I would think it had to run fine when it was bench tested at YS. A prob that shows up that soon does not look to good I have to admit but I think a phone call can get it straigtened out .The trouble is theres shipping and down time again, and if your friend is like me I didn't buy a engine to ship through the mail I bought it to fly a plane.
Let us know if theres anything we can do to help your bud out, i'm sure that whatever the engine is doing isn't the frist problem of that sort and maybe can be diagnosed right here.

Troy Newman 08-10-2007 08:21 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
If it was regulator related issue then perhaps something has changed. Dirty fuel, bad fuel, air leak in the fuel lines or other issues. Obviously it ran well for the first few flights and now is not. Likely this means its something with the fuel, the glow plug, the fuel system or the operator.

This may sound a bit like a cop out...but obviously there is something in the environment if it works when it gets setup by YS and then after a few flights shoots Snake eyes.

These engines just don't do that. If they work they work...and if there is a problem they don't. But mechanical issues don't tend to develop in 5 flights. Usually its dirt in the fuel system. A piece of dirt or debris in the regulator....Is a likely candidate. Fuel should be filtered well.

Glow plug is another issue. If the engine is fairly new the plug could have gone south. this happens often when the engine is breaking in. In the first couple gallons its not uncommon to go through 2 maybe 3 glow plugs.

The the owner/operator starts twisting on adjustments trying to get it to idle as the plug is not making the proper heat...he gets the motor lean and then other issues arise.

My suggestion is to make sure the fuel if filtered well. Try at first to back flush the regulator since its a 110S....then change the glow plug.

What fuel is he using, what plug, what prop...there are so many variables before you throw stones at an engine that was working properly and now is not.

Troy Newman
Team YS

flyer 69 08-20-2007 10:34 AM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Blaming the user for all the problems is a cop out. The engine in question is run on CP 30% Heli and OS F plug. After 5 good flights just back from service(?) it is doing exactly the same thing as when it was sent the first time. The airplane flies perfectly with a YS 110 FZ installed. The operator is an experienced modeler who has run many YS engines over the years and his comment after having problems again was that he'll never buy another YS engine as the company has gone to the dogs.

Inertia 08-21-2007 09:52 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Flyer 69,

Can you describe what the engine is doing that is not right? Another item to add to Troy's check list is checking the valve gaps. I have see the exhaust valve gap increase after service. (the valve components seat in after reassembly) If the exhaust valve gap increases, it will cause the engine to load up.(Does not let all of the exhaust out - chokes the engine) So the owner will lean out the top end of the engine but this will not help. If the valve clearance gets bad enough and the owner keeps turning the high end adjustment, the engine will run like crap. This is common place were guys will not check valve clearance and chase the running of the engine will the high and low end adjustments. Lets turn this post into a way to help solve your friends engine problems. Could he post details of the engine setup and conditions at which the engine does not perform? There are a lot of guys here which have years of experience running YS engines in competition. For example, Troy flies 500 + flights a year.

As far as my experience with YS engines and service, it has been all good.


Troy Newman 08-22-2007 10:48 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
If your friend sends his engine to YS Parts and Service they will honor the warranty.

I know for a fact that all repairs are run before they leave the shop.

Does your freind have a good glow plug in it? You said it was an OS F...that doesn't mean it was a working plug. Just becasue it glows doesn't mean its working.

If there is aproblem mechanically with the engine YS Parts and Service will fix it under warranty.

Like I said there are lots of enviromental issue that go into an engine running properly. Obviously you guys know what you are doing and you don't need me to help with the problem. The purpose of this forum is to help guys with engine problems. This is not a complaint area.

If the problem continues then send it to Service under warranty. The service department is very good at what they do. perhaps there is a problem that was missed. I doubt it not froma stand point that they don't make mistakes....but from a stand point that it ran properly for 5 tanks.......now its not. Like I said before lots of environmental factors....I suspect a bad glow plug or dirt in the fuel system.

maybe its just a loose bolt and an air leak. This can happen in a few flights also.

Troy Newman
Team YS

A1 08-28-2007 03:28 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
My 110 ran great after service. YS does need to have some type of IQ test before selling them to just anyone.

flyer 69 09-15-2007 07:00 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
The new 110S that never ran right before or after service now resides at the bottom of the lake adjacent to our flying field. Rather than deal with the hassle of sending it in and waiting another 30 days, he used it as a fishing weight.

Troy Newman 09-15-2007 09:53 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Thats too bad. Not everyone should run YS engines. Sometimes its just a little much for some folks to operate. Thats Ok there are lots of good products out there in the market today. I wish your friend and you good luck with those products.

I know there is a fairly high demand for used YS engines. Many Many people including myself have engines that are 10-15 years old and they are still running them. Perhaps a sale of the engine or some effort with the Importer could have resolved the issue.

YS Parts and Service is not the manufacturer of the engines. Just Like Hobbico doesn't make the OS engines they import. Instead YS Parts and Service works very hard to keep YS customers happy and taken care of. Obviously there will always be unhappy folks. Thats too bad. Good luck to you and your friend with future products.

This forum is not for discussion rather it is a support forum. Since nothing of substance is coming from this thread instead it seems to be a complaint area and a opinion forum.

The forum rules are stated at the top of the pages.

I have moderated this forum in a very up front way and tried to keep as many people covered as possible. I have stayed aways from closing of threads as I have tried to keep things a little more open and free flowing of ideas and thoughts to solve people engine problems. Its not a place to post complaints. You can do that at


The purpose and intent of your post is not helping the forum or other folks with support for their product. So lets get back to helping folks with their engines and questions.

Troy Newman
Team YS

Troy Newman
Team YS

Guillermito 09-18-2007 10:09 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Send my YS FZ110 service and after 3 months, I arrive the motor with he himself problem. And the worse thing is than nobody knows as it is the problem.

And the worse thing, is than I had to buy a Crankshaft (u$s 62) to prove if that is the solution, and is a motor that until now never I put it in an airplane.

rstearman 10-05-2007 12:15 AM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Every problem that I have ever had in the pass with my YS engines have been resolved right here, in this form. I thought I knew it all when it can to engines, but the ys engines do have quite a learning curve. I currently have a half dozen YS engines. Now that know how to tune them, they are all great running engines.
So to answer the question: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service? I would say: without any problems. The problem had always been me.

skidd1000 10-06-2007 07:48 AM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
I am looking for some help with my 63s.I have put three gallons of ys 20/20 thru it and loved every flight. It is in an 80 inch goldgerg cub. It used to do unlimited vert and now i have trouble getting enough power to do a simple loop. It smokes alot more than it did when new. I have tryed to adjust mixture for this but it only makes it run lean and get hot.I have replaced the plug with a ys plug twice. I have checked and re-checked valve clearence. I do not have a compression testor but this motor never seemed to have a ton of compression from new and it ran perfect. It might just be time to send it in to be freshend up but berfore I do that I am hoping for a few more things to try.


Cyberwolf 10-07-2007 02:21 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
skidd1000 I would strart out at ground zero for the needle settings and retune the engine like it was a new broke in engine. If the smoke still continues I would do a rebuild on the reg and do a test on the check valve to make sure its holding pressure ok.
New plug and valve settings are very important ,sounds like you have covered that already. Also check every screw on the engine to make sure none are slightly loose. Especially the cyl to block screws.
Do one thing at a time and unless the engine is just tired and in need of a rebuild you should be able to pin it down and solve the issue W/O pulling to much hair out.

To much smoke indicates a rich mixture and that alone will cause a loss of performance, my money is on the reg needing rebuilt or some dirt in it.
If you decide to redo the reg check the hole size for the plunger for alot of excess slop they wear over time and can cause a rich condition due to the silicon piston not sealing correctly.
Good Luck and let us know.

skidd1000 10-07-2007 03:57 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Thanks cyberwolf. I will try those things and get back to you.I think the check valve is fine because I can still get pressurized fuel out of the tank 30 minutes after a flight. I have never taken the regulater apart.It does not look to complicated.

Troy Newman 10-07-2007 06:17 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?

if the mixtute is not rich...and its smoking really bad. Then its likely a piston, ring or cylinder issue.

If the piston or sleeve is scored or damaged it can get a bunch of blow by and this will make the engine smoke a ton...and not make any power. It will also make the engines run very hot.

It is very very unlikley that a regulator issue will cause the symtoms you are seeing. If dirt gets in the regulator or a regulator problem is usually an intermitant one, or the engine runs inconsistent. Also is the regualtor is an issue its likely that the engine will be really rich or really lean depending how its running.

Smoke trail is not a sign of being rich with the 4 stroke engines. When they get really hot the oil burns and this makes tons of smoke. So you don't set the engine per the smoke trail. This ius especially the case with the 30% heli fuel. The oil is a very low viscocity oil and will burn when it gets in the exhaust system. So if its way too rich the exhaust won't get up to temp and the smoke may be less. If the engine gets really lean it will make super heat and the oil will flash and burn off making it look like a smoke sytem.

So basically you need to follow the rules on Peaking it and backing it off 200-300rpm from the peak. If this gets inconsitent and the engine is smoking like heck....but is acting really lean...then it is likely a scratched up piston or sleeve.

To answer that question do you fly off grass or a dirt field? If so then it is common to injest some crap from the runway surface.

Troy Newman
Team YS

Cyberwolf 10-08-2007 05:36 AM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
Troy the reg on one of my 120 was shot ,the hole where the plunger goes thru was worn out and I got a very simular situation as Skidd1000 is getting. The plunger wouldn't seal every time , and guess what, the engine smoked like a train untill the excess fuel was burned away.
Since your not dealing with a crankcased engine and oil rings and oil is mixed with the fuel why would a bad ring do anything more than a loss of compression and poor performance I can't see where it would smoke more or less.

skyhawk172n 10-08-2007 02:18 PM

RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?
My .91AC just came back from YS after about 10 years of me fiddling around trying to make it run right and failing, mostly because "who needs to read the directions when it's new" syndrome. I guess those backfires when I tried to crank it at idle throtttle and no tank pressure blew out the gaskets (head, cylinder, backplate and airbox). I can't remember in all that time ever landing with a running engine, but after reinstalling it and flying Sunday all I can say is WOW! Consistent 1800rpm idle 8800 with a 14x12APC. Now I love it as much as I do my .63 I've had for several years, and hope my 140 sport and 140 DZ are just as good.

Thanks YS guys!!!

Roy Aultman

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