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Default RE: WHat makes this sport attractive?

It's about the all around competition. RC Pylon racing is a technical sport and for one to really enjoy it and stay in it a long tine take a person with a very competitive and technical nature. Those that come and go are the one in it just for a short fun time and later move on to something else. You'll see!

Good friendship can come from all sort of different sports and not just Pylon racing. Fast planes and good friendship comes alone with the environment and will be the same with any sports in general. What keeps me going is the COMPETITION and with good, like-minded friendship I've made along the way. The people you meet and good friendship you made are a gift and will last a life time, but without the added technical competition, I will probably find something else competitive to do.

Good competition what really drives me, and fast planes and friendship what keeps me going.

Compete With Pride and Lose With Dignity.
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