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Here are the screen shots of the other Lua app that goes with the Auto Chute app. Both Lua apps are loaded into the Jeti DS-24 and run under User Applications.
I just fill in the blanks. Dave will have to explain the apps in more detail.

This is the top of the jsn app page. The program automatically names itself after the model name. You assign the switches or controls for each function and the rate values. They default as shown and it works fine.

Second page...

Last page. Here is the place to put in the wheel diameter so the program can convert RPM to MPH. The pitot calibration is for use with the Jeti Mspeed system. I will be using it on the F-105. I am currently using it on my 1/5 F-16 and F-22 foamy EDF and it works well but needs to be calibrated. Dave can explain more.
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